Thursday , May 19 2022

New Zealand's favorite movies for 2018 were discovered


The most earned movies from 2018 at the New Zealand box office were discovered – and there is one genre that Kiwi rush into cinemas to see.

The first three films at the New Zealand office last year were superhero films. Avengers: Infiniti Var was our biggest edition in 2018, earning $ 10.36 million (the 10th largest edition in New Zealand of all time). The Incredibles 2 comes with $ 7.7m, while Black Panther comes third with $ 7.3m.

The top ten films reveal our love for musicals. Mamma Mia: Here we are again taking fourth place with 6.2 million dollars, while nominated for Oscar Bohemian Rhapsodi and A Star were born with 6.2 million dollars and 5.4 million dollars.

Bradley Cooper and Ladi Gaga in A Star was born. Photo / delivered
Bradley Cooper and Ladi Gaga in A Star was born. Photo / delivered

We also love action blockbusters, with Jurassic War: Fallen Kingdom in seventh place ($ 5.1m), Deadpool 2 in eighth place ($ 5m) and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelvald in tenth ($ 4m). Peter Rabbit's family film comes in ninth with $ 4.5 million.

The most wanted New Zealand film in 2018 was The Breaker Upperers, which earned $ 1.8 million.

This statistic, discovered by the New Zealand Film Distribution Association, shows that 2018 was our second largest spending in history, with a total of $ 203.4 million generated, compared to $ 189.7 million of the previous year.

The figure in 2018 is just behind our record 2016, during which Kivi spent $ 206.6 million in films.

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