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Sideways Bound Vith Slight Dovnside Bias


Exchange rate

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– He's still captured in the range between 1.2650 and 1.3300

– Failure on the 4h goal graph 1.26s

– Brekit is dominated by GBP, and PMI is the main issue for USD

The pound-to-dollar rate is currently traded in the lateral range between between 1.2650 and 1.3300; and although a lot of steep drops from above 1.3000 to a mild rate of 1.2828 last week, on Brekit's renewed issues, as long as it stays within range, it is likely to trade at well-known levels.

The only thing is really if the couple is successfully expelled from the range to which we could make a call for conviction with any expectation of success.

Breaking above the bandwidth, for example, confirmed by scrolling above 1.3350, it would probably be less to continue to the target at 1.3660. In case of failure – a confirmed shift below 1.2600 – we can expect to track to the target at 1.2310.

GBP to USD weekly chart "vidth =" 600

Sterling has fallen because fears of Brekit's "non-deal" have increased after the prime minister presented an agreement he had reached with the European Union. The deal sharply criticized the members of their party who believe that in the end it will lead to U.K failing to make a clear break from Europe.

Members of the conservative party are now moving towards May and we could see the threshold reached in the coming days, which could provoke the Prime Minister's distrust. Therefore, it is likely that the pound will begin a week on the back of the "back" and there is a marginal bias to expect more deficiencies, because in the short term, as seen on the 4-hour chart, technical decline, based on the direction of the tops and troughs that set a series of smaller .

If we push the forecast, we would be moderate each other, asking for a confirmation from a break below the level below November 15 at 1.2722 and expecting it to follow below to the target above 1.2660.

GBP to 4 hours of daily "vidth =" 600

The most troubling traders in the coming week will be, firstly, on the political front, whether Theresa will be able to hang on to power, and secondly, whether the new agreement on return has a chance to be approved by parliament.

If rebels within the party can successfully challenge, they will likely come in the form of a vote of no confidence – potentially next week – and if successful, lead to leadership challenges. Such an event will almost certainly weaken GBP / USD, due to increased political uncertainty.

In the end, our basic case remains that the UK will avoid "hard landing", and the pound will recover against the levels before Brekit in the 1.45-1.50 zone.

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US dollar: what to watch

The sentiment became negative towards the dollar after more cautious comments from Federal Reserve members who suggested that the observed slowdown in global growth could negatively affect the US and that short-term interest rates have now risen to "neutral" (the rate at which the economy does not grow or slow down ), and this is where the Federal Bank would like to be, and therefore a sign that it can stop in its schedule rate.

If the Fed slowed down, it would weaken Dollar, as there is already an expectation that it will again raise rates in December, and if that changes, the resulting disappointment is likely to flow to USD.

Higher interest rates, or the expectation of higher interest rates, the normal price of the currency and vice versa for lower rates. This is because the first attracts a larger inflow of foreign capital that is plagued by a promise of greater return, while others act as deterrent inflows.

On hard data, November's close composite PMI is probably the main release, on Friday at 3.45 GMT, as it can provide early indications of K4 growth.

The researchers found that the first two months of the PMI were in the quarter when the average could be used to indicate growth for the entire quarter with a relatively high likelihood of success.

November Composite PMI is expected to rise from 54.9 to 56.0 and if so, this could point to a growth rate of GDP growth in K4, although the amount varies from country to country.

Another major issue for the dollar is the initial sale in October, at 16.00 on Wednesday, November 21st. It is expected that the metric will return to 5.15m with 5.2m in the previous month.

The current sale of the house has been falling since the paging in March, which shows a fall every month without stopping. If they reverse in October, we will mark a break of 6 months of continuous decline and probably be positive for the dollar from housing, according to Wall Street's old address "leads the economy".

Another major issue for the dollar in the upcoming week is Durable Goods Orders in October, which predicts a change of -2.5% from 0.8% in the previous month.

Durables is an unstable release, however, large individual orders, especially in the transport and aviation sector, can distort monthly data and make them unstable.

It seems that this happened in September when orders for durable goods rose by 0.7%, which fell off the defenses of defensive planes, which was more than doubled, an increase of 118.7%.

Pound: What to watch

All eyes will be on Prime Minister Theresa May and whether she can hold power.

It is important that there is a confirmation that U.K. may obtain additional concessions from E.U. – that is precisely what is needed to allow the opponents of the DUP and conservatives to return to the party.

U a Ski Nevs interview May says the key for the future will be the next seven days, when its negotiators would return to E.U. officials and ejection of "future relations".

She will also visit Brussels, she will add and talk to E.U. Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker during weekly hearings.

Further concessions may be required and E.U. It clearly sees the plan they have provided, and it requires some help. This news is a Pound-positive development.

Conservative insurgents seeking the delay in May this week might possibly win enough votes – 48 are needed – to make it a vote of no confidence in the prime minister. That would be a negative development of a pound.

If May loses her voice, she is out, if she survives, she is immune to another challenge for a year.

"To cancel the PM, May would need the majority of the majority and much less clearly
that this number will be reached, "says MUVG Loev." If PM Mai was surprisingly defeated in the leadership challenge, we expected the pound to fall by an additional 3% to 5%. This will raise concerns over the outcome of "No Deal".

He can win in the votes that would be positive on the Pound, as they suggest that the space for maneuvering the "hard breiter" opponent is quickly worn out.

There were expectations that May would be subject to a vote of no confidence on Friday, November 16th, but that threshold has not yet been fulfilled, indicating that the insurrection could stop. From the moment of writing, it seems that there are not enough letters to start a vote of no confidence.

If it's a delay, we see it as a positive trigger for potential, partial, currency recovery.

The key event on a pound held Sunday is likely to hear the Bank of England on inflation carried out by members of Treasury Treasury Treasury Committee, the parliamentary body responsible for overseeing public finances.

The comments of the Bank of England at this hearing, especially regarding the economy of the economy and the effect of Brekit, could affect the pound.

Recent economic data, including CPI and retail, were lower than expected, while growth figures indicate a slowdown in activity by the end of the year.

The hearings are on Monday at 11.00.

It's another key issue CBI research of industrial trends on Monday, November 19 at 00.00. Although it is unlikely that the markets will independently run, CBI surveys are usually good indicators of future economic activity and, therefore, contribute to the formulation of the overall economic background in which pounds are to be accessed.

Net public sector borrowing is on Wednesday at 10.30. Lending went to -3.26 billion in October. Overall government borrowing has fallen over the last few years.

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