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SunLive – New Codes verified for AIMS games


With a solid climate in the future, organizers of Anchor AIMS Games have announced an exciting line for the high school tournament next year in Tauranga.

Event 2019 will have many new events, taking the total number of sports disciplines to 25. Among the new codes is mountain biking and the traditional maori ball game ki-o-rahi, while basketball and rugby have added mixed divisions, in the form of 3k3 basketball and Rippa Rugby.

A new canoe sports code has also been introduced, with the addition of cannon racing (sprint) to the existing event in the Canal slalom.

Tournament director Vicki Semple says the additions reflect the changing sporting landscape in New Zealand.

"It's not that it's the biggest thing, it's creating anger.

"We want to be as inclusive as possible and want to give small state schools the chance to compete on the same level as the big city schools."

The success of the mixed hockey 6-a-hockey in 2014 was a huge launcher for the expansion of basketball and rugby – 16 mixed hockey teams that grew up to 56 in the first year. Futsal was also introduced in 2016, and an alternative football alternative went from 23 teams at 61 for that time.

The inclusion of Ki-o-rahi also has indicated an increasing number of schoolchildren participating in AIMS Games.

"This means that schools that may not be able to leave a full rugby week, a football team or even have enough players for basketball or netball will not be in a disadvantaged position.

"It is also reflected in the way traditional sports in New Zealand have to evolve, so that they can remain relevant. We would like to think that these changes help us stay ahead of the curve and lead us to the examples."

Nearly 10,900 athletes attended this year's AIMS Games in September, representing nearly 330 schools from New Zealand and the Pacific.

The introduction to mountain biking is paved with exciting exciting debut this year and BMX's inclusion in 2016, with the recent success of the Mountainbike Tauranga, which held the high school high school in the North Island at the Summerhill Recreational Park in Welcome Bay.

It provides multisport athletes with another competitive element in the tournament, while paddlers will also receive a double shot with canoe and canoe slalom, aligning their code with the format used in the Olympic Games of Youth.

"It's important that children in this age do not specialize too early – they must try as many sports and fun as possible and develop comprehensive skills and enjoyment," says Vicki.

"It's a huge driver for us, to give our competitors as many options as possible, and also expose them to other sports they may not have experienced before."

AIMS Games Anchor 2019 will be held from September 8 to 13 in Tauranga.

2019 codes: Badminton, Basketball (boys, girls and 3k3 mixed), BMX, canoe sport (sprint and slalom), cheerleader, cross countri, football, futsal, golf, gymnastics (including AeroDance), hip hop, hockey, indoor bovls, Ki O Rahi , Mountain biking, multisport, netball, rock climbing, rugby (boys, girls and Rippa), squash, swimming, table tennis, tennis, water polo, barges.

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