Friday , June 2 2023

Vestil Liverpool: Virgil van Dijk promises transfer due to speculation Matthias de Ligt


Star Ajak has established itself as one of the most promising defenders in Europe and already has 11 goals in the Netherlands with only 19 years.

De Ligt continued to impress this season and was associated with a number of European courts, including Liverpool, Barcelona and Manchester City.

Liverpool defeated Van Dijk of Southampton in January, and their 27-year arrival contributed to their remarkable defensive victory when they finished the Champions League finals.

And despite the appearance of Joe Gomez in the first season, Van Dijk is convinced Liverpool will take care of De Ligt.

"I hope he makes the right choice in his next step."

Liverpool star Virgil van Dijk

"He's already far away, especially at that time," De Telegraaf said.

"A good defender, good boy, calm, knows what he wants and I hope he makes the right choice in his next step.

"He will be on the list because they have enough scouts in the club."

And he is more than happy to offer services if the club requires another opinion.

Virgil van Dijk

Liverpool star Virgil van Dijk praised the glory of Matthias de Ligt from the Netherlands (Image: GETTI)

"No," he said to the question, "Is it the best person to make a De Ligt judgment?"

"But if they need my opinion in Liverpool, I will give it."

Liverpool took 75 million pounds to pass Van Dijk until last season, making it the most expensive defender in the world.

And while De Ligt was shot to break that record when he left Ajax, Van Dijk insists it's unlikely.

Matthias de Ligt

Liverpool is linked with the defeat for the glory of Ajax Matthias de Ligt (Image: GETTI)

"No, they will pay less to Matijus," he jokes.

"The quantity for me was very big, though.

"No, with all seriousness, that's exactly the case.

"And if he ever becomes the most expensive defense counsel, I will be the first to congratulate him."

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