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We go green with rocks and stakes


Toledoians can accept alternative forms of traffic Lajm electric scooters i ToleGO, a bicycle distribution program that was launched last month. These opportunities enhance the efforts of the city to become green while providing accessible and convenient ways to turn.

Visitors to the University of Toledo will inevitably notice the presence of electric scooters Lima around the campus. Since scooters were launched early in the fall semester, their popularity is constantly increasing, leading to a likely increase in the availability of scooters in other parts of the city.


Lime Life

At $ 1.15 per minute, Lime scooters are an affordable, convenient choice for students to zip through the campus to the class, as well as drive them all over the city. To make this scooter sustainable, a group of mechanics, people who charge scooters and a base of operations, ensure that everything runs smoothly. There are operational specialists like Chris Sackmann.

"I have a lot of hands while we are developing a shop," he said. "We have 65 to 70 scooters that are currently unloaded into the warehouse." For several weeks, the only one in Toledo was responsible for the maintenance of 125 scooters, although the company recently hired two more people to help repair. As more people are engaged to keep scooters operational, they will probably become even more popular throughout the city.

In order for scooters to be charged, people can use the Lime application to become a "juicer" (someone who takes the scooters and charges them as needed). According to Sackmann, "this is a great way to earn money. The company pays between $ 5 and $ 15 per scooter to keep them."

If you are a true Lima fan, you can use scooters as a transport and become a juicer to make up for reasonable travel costs.

Chris Sackmann

Chris Sackmann

Embracing Change

For those who follow the popular popularity of electric scooters sharing in the past year, it's worth noting that some people are not fans. Pedestrians do not like to ride on a sidewalk, and drivers do not always respect the drivers on the street.

"There is an amazing amount of feedback on these things," said Sackmann. There are people who beat them and vandalize them, although he did not find that reaction in Toledo. The overall response around the world was to accept the expansion of an environmentally responsible and affordable means of transport.

"These scooters are appearing around the world," said Sackmann. "We opened offices in Zurich, Canada, China and around 75 cities in the United States."

The goal for Toledo is to have 250 active scooters in operation and to be established in the city center. Sackmann said that it is necessary to increase the number of these numbers in the new market, but the answer of students and other drivers makes him hopeful.

"We want to have a smooth implementation, and we hope Toledo really will appreciate what these scooters come," he said. "When you first find yourself, you will realize how fun it is, how fast you get from point A to point B, and how much better for the environment."

ToleGO Bike Share

UT created a bicycle share called Rocket Vheels in 2015 for students, faculty and cycling around the campus for free, but until now there was no public biking action for anyone coming to town. Type ToleGO Bike Share launched in mid-October with the strong support of Mayor Vade Kapszukievicz. In a statement to the public of the city of Toledo, the mayor claimed that "it puts us alongside some of the progressive communities in the nation".

To use bikes, download the application (social bikes), then create an account. There are hubs for ToleGO bikes that are mostly concentrated in the city center, and you can find the ones that are closest to you using the folder on the application. Once you find a bicycle, simply unlock it by entering your account number and pin.

ToleGO offers subscriptions – the annual fee is $ 69 per year, and the monthly fee is $ 15 – or you can choose to pay while traveling for $ 3 in 30 minutes drive. As Lajm scooters, the share of bikes is affordable. Unlike Lima, drivers have to leave engines at certain docking stations.

With the sick eco-friendly companies that have gained momentum in Toledo, having a lot of options to your lifestyle is always a good thing.

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