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When the collection brings joy to Red Dead Redemption 2

There are nearly 200 detection animals Red Dead Redemption 2. They are expanded through the expansive game map, but not by chance. You will find culverts in the mountains, while the panthers prefer the swampy south. Iguanas lie on the beaches; herd of buffalo in a dusty pool.

"For Red Dead, it's mostly the pleasure of things just to be as they should be, "said Nicholas Lund, a singer and writer of Audubon's Birding Like It's 1899: Inside Blockbuster American Vest Video Game, for Poligon. "You recognize that somebody paid attention and thought about it."

And, indeed, Red Dead Developer 2 developer Rockstar Games did. Rockstar hinted the immersion and authenticity of the game in the upcoming release. (Of course, it is important to note that the amount of detail can be attributed to the "creaking" Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; s programmers – something for which Rockstar was criticized in the introduction of the game. However impressive, the scale of the game allegedly required too much work.)

Red Dead Redemption 2 & apos; s Authenticity and immersion are not limited to animals. There are 144 cigarette collecting cards, each with different illustrated graphics, 30 bone dinosaurs, 10 carvings from the rock and 20 hidden dreamers in the environment. Letting a player come across secrets in the world is a byproduct of that quest for immersion or authenticity. For many toys, the attractiveness of the digital collection in Red Dead Redemption 2 – Whether it follows birds, completes a task, or finds pets – it becomes an essential part of the gameplay experience, important for players over a platinum trophy or a list of achievements.

Birds flying Arthur Morgan at Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2: a virtual haven.
Rockstar Games

"As a birder, things always ruin for you," Lund, who wrote deep into the birds Red Dead Redemption 2 for the National Society Audubon, he said. "You're watching a movie happily, then a bird from the other continent flies, or you hear the moon in the middle of the desert, and that's like," Damn it. "When one clearly puts a lot of thought and effort into it, it makes him more satisfied with experience."

Birds like Lund are watching birds for various reasons. For him, aviary is a way to utilize the instinct of his collector – who started with baseball cards and stickers as a kid – in a way that is not consuming, just like the act of collecting in a video game.

Lund said it was satisfactory because the discovery of animals was authentic. These discoveries are special because they fulfill the moments of the story, things that are organically discovered when, say, you are finishing a reward or looking for new weapons.

"The search for birds is very similar to research," Lund said. "You can go wherever you want, and you never know what will be here." There is treasure[-hunting] aspect of it. "

Arthur Morgan sketches these animals – plus plants, friends and other oddities – found in a logbook that takes him through the whole game. But in many ways, it's not Arthur's diary at all; it's yours, players. Arthur certainly describes in detail the linear story that ultimately moves the game forward, but most of the pages will be unique to your journey.

Arthur's diary is a narrative marker, which in many ways is a system of achievement. Red Dead Redemption 2 it certainly has a traditional system of achievement, but the game uses the magazine as an alternative incentive for research. While achievements work because they are visible seals of progress in the game, satisfying the ping that marks the finish frame, Arthur's drawings represent a natural progression Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; s gameplai. Gathering drawings, animals or bones or flowers unlocks the second level of the game – more to be seen in the world of games.

You can not find any more swollen diary than elsewhere elsewhere Red Dead Redemption 2 completist. Elijah, a 23-year-old from Madison, Visconsin, told Polygon that he spent 150 hours playing the game, first raising with the intention of getting an elusive platinum trophy. For Red Dead Redemption 2, it's called Best in the West. Players are required to hunt, hunt and skin – and collect cigarette and dream hunting cards, to discover all the gangs in the game, to study horses and plants.

Arthur Morgan hunts fish in Red Dead Redemption 2

Fish catching is an easy way to get away from hours.
Rockstar Games

"The nice thing about collector items is to offer you these little disruptions that make it look more travelier," said Elijah Poligon. "Sometimes you ride on horses for 15 minutes to get to the next mission, and you will hear the call of the animal you need to learn. It becomes the whole process of tracking and hunting the animal, then taking the skin to the merchant for making clothes or equipment."

It's easy to see that the community that finished the job, because people who just want to break through the game are looking for digital points. And of course, there are people who are looking for an end for that reason. Ilija said that there is always a "unique kind of satisfaction" that comes from checking the task that initially seems so impossible, but in a way Red Dead Redemption 2 is set so it seems more comfortable than the game in which the collection is a tiny job.

The process is something unique Red Dead Redemption 2 compared to other games played by Elia, the collection experience that he calls "boring nightmares." Red Dead Redemption 2 it seems that collecting is reasonable in tandem with stories and foreign tasks, and that makes playing an unforgettable experience as a whole – more than just marking the box.

"It's just riding in strange places," Lund said of the attraction of the game-oriented game. "Just to see what's in there and explore and think [it] out. Birds are part of it, but the whole world is part of it. The aspect of the collection is the starting point for this, with the aspect of research in the foreground. "

Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; s Compendium, separated from Arthur's diary, acts as a motivation for research. "See the number – the total number – and see where you are, and that really drives you," Lund said. It is an instinct that is focused not only on meeting the goal, but also on everything that the game can offer.

Which birds Red Dead Redemption 2 are for Lund, dogs are for the writer from the UK, Kilei Vilde. Dogs, like birds and iguana, are observed throughout the Heart. And unlike cats, you can have them pets. There are 11 breeds, including Bloodhounds, Poodles, and Huskies – all the best guys in their own way. There are no real achievements for the meeting Red Dead Redemption 2But Arthur's drawings seem to be a more appropriate representation of this special collection as a non-physical view of the player's journey.

"When I learned that Rockstar make an extra effort in the behavior of animalsand that dogs, especially, should remember you after interacting with them, I knew that I had to test that mechanic, said Wilde. "When I started to work, I could not pass the dog in the game without stopping to love them. Like in real life, to be honest. "

After he crashed several dogs, Wilde decided to please all the dogs in the game, except wolves – which, as you can imagine, are not too receptive to humans. "Never wolves," Wilde said. "I tried, but they just wanted my blood, not my embrace."

She kept recording all the dogs she worked as a show of her collection. "My favorite dog was one of the Australian shepherds at Emerald Ranch," Wilde said. "He remembered me every time and followed me to the edge of the estate when I loved him, waving his tail. I called him Buddy.

Arthur mats a good dog.

Good guys.
Rockstar Games via Chile Ville / Game Savvi

Waildo's behavior is a reflection of the hero of the game. Arthur also keeps track of encounters in his diary, making dogs by pencil after he first introduces them.

Forcing "collecting" pets from dogs has influenced the way Vilde played Red Dead Redemption 2. She walked out of the way and ignored the waypoints if she spotted the dog wandering the trail. "There were these two dogs that you absolutely could not love because they attacked the view," she said. "I did not have the heart to kill them, because they just did their job. I missed a rare shotgun for that."

Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; s The story is the same about Arthur and the journey of the gang because it is the discovery – active detection, collection and collection of a non-physical collection that is more guided iour interests from the game. You are rewarded for discovering how to find things, through traditional achievements and a new page in Arthur's diary.

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