Tuesday , May 30 2023

Apple set off on Red Day on Vall Street


The streets were featured on Vall Street on Wednesday, due to the fact that consumer prices in the United States were coming as expected.

Data from US authorities show that consumer prices rose by 0.3 percent in October compared to September. Year-on-year, the index rose by 2.5 percent, while core inflation stood at 2.1 percent.

"I think the stock market is experiencing a continuation of sales pressure that began in early October, and if investors do not understand what is behind the sale or what has started, hesitate to buy. The constant downward pressure causes investors not to have as much action, especially as the instability and pressure continues for sale, "said Robert Pavlik, an investment strategy at SlateStone's Vealth, CNBC.

In addition, the British government has chosen to support the draft briquette agreement.

– The government decided to continue with the draft agreement. This is a crucial step that will enable us to continue and finalize the agreement in the coming days, Majka said in a brief press release outside the Prime Minister's home on Wednesday night.

The pound fell before its release from London and was traded on 1.2897 just a slug for an hour before Maja told reporters. Wednesday night pound stands at 1.3003 against the dollar.

Dow Jones dropped to 25,080.50 points, down 0.81 percent.

6 of the 30 stocks in the index have grown.

Company of chemical industry DovDuPont he was today the winner of the world renowned index.

The company achieved solid growth in K3, according to the fourth report published in early November. Turnover increased by 32% compared to the previous year.

The share invested 0.89%.

At the top of the list of losses is the insurance giant Travelers Cos. The market value of the company dropped by 2.97%.

The S & P 500 dropped to 2,701.58 points, down 0.76 percent.

The financial part was a clear loser on Vall Street on Wednesday.

Although consumer prices have reached a consensus among analysts, there were probably more players in the market who recently believed in a higher price increase for strong job numbers and solid market offerings. Interest rates have responded to a fall, and Fed Chief Jerome Povell now seems to have control over inflation. The risk above the US interest rate path was not higher than today's key figures.

In addition, Makine Valters, a representative of the Democrats in the United States, said that the struggle of the Trump administration to relieve regulatory pressure in the US banking sector will now be faced with strong counterparts in the House. The Republicans lost the majority in the House of Representatives after the middle of the United States earlier in November, and only laws and regulations require that Democrats in the Trumpet Home go through their policies.

Goldman Sachs She finished 1.28 percent.

Sitigrup fell 2.89 percent.

JP Morgan retired for 2.97% Bank of America lost 1.91 percent of the market value.

General Electric he had a bad day at the stock exchange and ended up at 3.14 percent.

The Composite set ended at 7,136.39 points, up by 0.90 percent.

the Apple was a big loser, and the action fell by 2.82 percent.

Intel were among the winners, and a very unstable action rose by 6.12 percent.

tesla increased its market value by 1.56% on Wednesday.

Facebook He had a good day and went against the market. The share increased by 1.45%.

microsoft it fell by 1.42 percent.

Netflik finished 2.61 percent.

Among other interesting actions we find oil companies such as Transocean and Baker Hughes. The first ten-year rate was 1.48 percent the price of oil, while this pension retired for a total of 2.73 percent. Ekkon Mobil It fell 0.74 percent.

Two stocks connected with cannabis Aurora Cannabis i Basket basket corporation he experienced a problem on the stock exchange and fell by 8.06 and 11.07%, respectively.

The VIKS index rose 6.14 percent to 21.25 points.

The price of gold ended on a day in the amount of $ 1,211.30 per troika ounce, which is 0.83 percent.

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