Saturday , April 1 2023

Elg Mountain Firefighters – and wet night to Sunday


Sjøvegan: The dog pushed the bad calves to the sea in Scarvik. As Los seemed to have problems, firefighters and vignettes were notified and went to the site. In the 15th century, the Troms police district reports that the bad on the ground was buried by the fire department.

harstad: A drunk drunk, aged 30, was arrested and arrested on Sunday. Man could not take care of himself.

harstad: The second place in the center was a man, 46 years old, expelled from the night to the night of the reception. The man was angry at other guests.

harstad: On Saturday night, the police report that traffic control was carried out in Gamla Kirkevegu. One person was reported to have a driver's license without a valid driver's license.

Vesteralen: A man in his 40s was hospitalized with possible head injuries. Damage can arise from the fight against Grittingen. The case was created.

Andenes: There was density on the night pub until Sunday. A drunken man was arrested and arrested.

narvik: Trafikkuhell in Straumsnes evenings until Sunday. The car drove with E6. One person was in the car. The drivers were transported to the hospital and the driver's license was seized. The case was created.

narvik: A ban on entertainment in the center upset the nightmare. The police were on the spot and talked to the apartment owners.

narvik: A drunken man was found in a ditch in Fagernes' night until Sunday. The couple prevented him from bringing the man home.

Molde: Also in Tromsou there were several episodes of substance abuse and intoxication on Saturday night and night to Sunday. Three men aged 18 were sent to the police center. They have been reported for the use and possession of drugs, but have been released after examination.

Molde: The second place was a private party, with 80 participants, closed by the police. Many minors were drunk and expelled from that place. A fire alarm has started and damage has been made on site.

Molde: Police use several cases of excessive intoxication. The 26-year-old was arrested and arrested after trying to get into the car at Tromsø. The thirty-year-old was also arrested because he could not take care of himself. In the middle, a man in the 30s was turned on after he was involved in an error outside the nightmare. The battle was great in Tromsø night to Sunday. The 28-year-old was killed early in the night and was arrested while the 36-year-old was arrested after turning the person outside. The case is created in this case. A 21-year-old drunk fired a judge and was arrested while the 23-year-old ended his arrest when he was drunk and refused to address his name and address to the police. The 25-year-old was taken in the morning and arrested when the person was so drunk that the man could not care about himself.

Finnsnes: A drunkard, aged 30, was expelled from the city center and reported having hiding a public official.

Finnsnes: A man of thirty years is suspected of driving in an affected condition early in the morning and made for medical help. A case has been created and a driver's license has been seized.

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