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Employee requests work for SAS without a contract


The USO trade union complained to the CAE Creving Services staff at the Spanish Trud Labor Inspectorate that it had SAS employees in Malaga working without a contract.

CAE Creving Services is an Irish company that supplies a cabin crew to the Irish airline Scandinavian Airlines Ireland Limited (SAS Ireland), a subsidiary of SAS. SAS Ireland is a small company with seven planes and complements the parent company, which, compared with the number, has over 100 aircraft.

"More than half of SAS employees in Malaga, 26 out of 40 employees, work without contract," said spokeswoman Ernesto Iglesias in a press release issued by the USO Trade Union.

He states that the employees decided not to sign the contract until it was adjusted to the Spanish employment law.

Dagbladet mentioned this for the first time in the Norwegian media.

Similar to Rianair

Iglesias announced in a statement that "the main SAS has always used employment strategies similar to those used by Rianair." He also states that the contracts offered were not in accordance with the Spanish guidelines.

According to the USO, the crew are taxed in Ireland, despite having spent 183 days in Malaga. The crew will also be paid for holidays, and the company will have the opportunity to change the salary at any time. The USO also claims that several contracts are written in a language other than Spanish or one of the common languages.

"This certainly does not matter"

The information manager at SAS Knut Morten Johansen does not recognize the claims of USO.

– Certainly not. Nobody fails without an agreement, says Johansen DN.

– All those who fly to SAS Ireland, employed by a CAE training and crew company, are formally contracted to include all aspects of employment such as payroll, insurance, and so on. That someone will fly without a contract is a wrong assertion.

Johansen says employees flying to SAS from the Malage and London base have fixed contracts and collective conditions for employment, according to local market standards.

– We do not recognize this complaint or compare it with Ryanair. I do not know about the details of the company, but SAS staff from Malaga and London have fixed and collective employment contracts, according to local market standards.

In accordance with Spanish law

– Regarding those who fly from Malaga, holiday payments are paid in accordance with Spanish legislation, and of course, agreements can not be "changed at any time," as claimed, but there is an opening for increasing salaries if the company wants to offer within the contract period. A one-way reduction of the conditions can not and should not be done out of negotiations, only to clarify this.

As for paying taxes, Johansen says CAE has no desire to bypass tax-related rules, and now has legal assistance to ensure that it is fully accurate, including the relationship between Spain and Ireland in the field of taxation.

"This is not a situation that affects individual employees.

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