Thursday , May 19 2022

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Apple's shares fell by 2.84 percent on Monday after stockpiles before the weekend. On Friday, the share ended with 6.63 percent, the worst case for more than four years.

As a result, the stock fell 9.40 percent since its closing on Thursday, when the company delivered the latest quarterly report.

Apple's earnings per share was $ 2.91 per share in the fourth quarter of this company, from $ 2.07 per share a year ago.

US stock markets ended Monday, when the technology sector was burdened with a new decline for Apple.

During the final period, the events were as follows:

  • Dow Jones index rose by 0.76 percent
  • S & P 500 increased by 0.56 percent
  • Nasdak finished with 0.38 percent

Sources: Iphone KSR cassette

Nikkei Asian Reviev wrote on Monday that Apple has been protecting plans to accelerate iPhone KSR production and focus on older iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models. Anonymous sources familiar with the case say that subcontractor Fokconn will produce around 100,000 fewer phones than daily plans on a daily basis.

– From the Foxconn side, they explained 60 product lines for Apple's KSR model. In the past, they used only about 45 production lines, since the biggest buyer of the company said they did not have to produce so much, said one of the sources of the site.

Apple's share again decreased

After the report on the results before the weekend, the Rosenblatt Securities broker also reduces the recommendation for Apple, CNBC writes.

This is the second upgrade for the iPhone maker in the first issue, the chances and sales of the phone are disappointing in the market.

On Vall Street, Apple dropped 3 percent on Monday and its stock fell 9.5 percent from Thursday.

Analysts in Rosenblatt have gone on to recommend a neutral basis for previous purchases, as Apple will find it hard to counter the weaker volume of sales with higher prices.

On Friday, the Bank of America reduced its recommendation for Apple.

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