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LILLESTRØM , Bodo / Glimt – Lillestrøm has taken the lead against Bodo / Glimt


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Cannabis remains on the spot after 1-1 in Arasen.


ARASEN (Nettavisen): Lillestrøm: 27 points on qualifications.

Bodø / Glimt: 29 points in the twelfth place.

It was the starting point before the alignment of the Arasen evening, and most were expecting a nervous war – and perhaps a rather embarrassing – between the two candidates for the fallout.

The loss would still be quite critical for both teams.

But the firework that served at the beginning of the match on Monday night, Arasen's audience is not broken. Before they played a quarter, both teams scored once, and the hosts also had a ball on the post.

However, after the crazy opening of the match, there was a greater chance between the chance and few goals were not on Arasen. 1-1 and division points means that Lillestrøm stays at 28 points, while Bodø / Glimt with two more points in the 11th place.

– No no no!

After a shocking opening, with two goals in the first ten minutes of the game, everything shook something in the first place. But a few minutes before the break, the temperature rose heavily on Arasen.

Then the hosts received a counter opportunity and attacked everything they had. Martin Bjørnbak made a bid to take the lead as a ball coming in on the right hand side left Fredrik Krogstad towards Espen Eskas who blasted the ball, Mak's expert commentator Tor Ole Skullerud made a great effort as the referee switched from – Lillestrøm to finish the match.

– No, no, no, do not strike, dear judge! You must allow Lillestrøm to get that transition before a yellow card! Skullerud exclaimed, and Chief commentator Kenneth Fredheim added:

"It was an adventurous contradiction.

Lillestrom's players apparently agreed, as they gathered around Eskasa, while the concert for the pipeline sounded from the stand.

– It should have been red

After the match, Krogstad showed the foot that dealt with Nettavisen. It looks mild, painful and still red after the island and blood.

HOVEN: Fredrik Krogstad's game has grown well after the match against Bodo / Glimt.

Villiam Birdset

"I have not seen it yet, but it has made it relatively painful." There is no doubt that this was a solid problem, says Krogstad Nettavisen.

He confirms that the players of Lillestrom little understood the judge's assessment of the situation.

– I think there's a little thinking here. It should have been a red card, and most responded that they should have that benefit well. When there are no parts, it may be felt that the judge is wrong, he says.

– It was an excellent transition. So, it's a little stupid that we did not draw more than that, nor the red card, nor that we can continue the competition. It was acid.

He repeats that he did not see the situation, so it's difficult to judge him.

"But Bjørnbak was at least very excited and went and said he was sorry, and I appreciate it. But I said that: I did the same. I understand why he does, I will not take him away. So much so, so I did the same, says Krogstad.

It's just lying

The very singer, Martin Bjørnbak, goes after the game.

– Is the red card?

– Yes Yes Yes. When I see it now, it's red. Occasionally she does not feel so bad. But when I see you later, I see it, Glimt Stopper answers.

– And you apologized to Krogstad?

– Yes. I could see it again after the match. Then I saw that it was not nice. Then just lay it straight and say sorry.

shock Opening

Almost before the crowd settled down in their places, she narrowed behind Marc Marić in the cage Lillestrøm. In 16th minute, Bodø / Glimt sentenced a duel in Lillestrøm after a free kick fell on the field and the ball fell onto the socks Kristian Fardal Opseth.

Glimts's best scorer has not scored since September 2, eight games since then, but the 28-year-old does not seem to be sacrificing his thoughts when he hit a bullet on the cross behind the shameless Marić.

– It's great. In fact, it's a goal, says Fardal Opseth Nettavisen after the match.

He acknowledges that the unknown situation for him is to go so many matches without scoring.

"I'm extremely interested in contributing more than I did, contributing to goals and pointing to the team, which is why it's boring, but more about what I want to do well. So let people say what they want to say. That just makes me more giraffe and I want more better, "he says.

Lillestrøm replied earlier

But six minutes later, the teams went for a long time when Glimt goalkeeper Ricardo Friedrich was substituted by Fredrik Krogstad and Arnor Smarason was thorugh.

There were not a few goals, although both teams had their chances.

After the violent Lillestrom press, including the ball in the post, Glimt took the initiative in the first place. The second round developed in the same way: Lillestrøm best opened, with few chances to Thomas Lehne Olsen, before Glimt again took over.

In the last minutes there was a firm conclusion of the host, and captain Frode Kippe was close to becoming Lillestrøms all day, but that would not be for canaries.

– Great disappointment

"Great disappointment, of course, says Coach Jorgen Lennartsson Nettavisen after the match.

"It was a game where we knew that we would get a good starting point if we won and we did not lose, so one point can be worth a lot of money, but we are disappointed that we do not get a sword." It varies efficiently, periodically good, periodically significantly worse a summary of Lillestrom's boss.

– Why are you giving the initiative to both circles?

– Good question. It's in both directions. Then we returned the last seven to eight minutes, but that's life. I'm sorry I lost some of our matches after 20-25 minutes in the first place and 20-25 minutes of the second round, "said the coach.

Even at the bottom

The situation on the table at the bottom of the table is barely smooth for the teams struggling to avoid falling out. Sandefjord and Stabæk for the direct crisis have 22 and 25 points, respectively.

Lil Stream has 28 qualifications but in front of them even: Start and Strømsgodset have 29 points, while Bodø / Glimt has little breathing space at 30.

– Was your score secure Glimt renewed contract, Fardal Opseth?

"It's hard to say. They play and play again and play again. We will fight again next week to take points and decide on ourselves, so as to ensure that the Glimts golgeter is satisfied with Lillestrøm.

Lillestrøm left Strømsgodset and Kristiansund at home in the last two sets. Bodø / Glimt left Valerenga and Rosenborg before the season was over.

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