Saturday , January 23 2021

Microsoft tried to trade Nintendo: then they burst out laughing

Nintendo has always done its thing, they are Japanese. We should probably be happy that they were not traded by Microsoft.

What was Ballmer thinking?

And if we believe the company itself, there was no danger of that happening: “they were laughing at Microsoft from the room.”

During an interview regarding the launch of Xbox at CES in 2001, interesting information came from Kevin Bachus. At that time, Bachus had the title of “director of relations with third parties”.

– They laughed at us for an hour

“Steve asked us to talk to Nintendo to find out if I could consider an acquisition. They laughed to death. Just imagine an hour with people laughing at you. That’s about how the meeting went. “

Nintendo and Microsoft are so culturally different companies (of all U.S. technology companies, so to speak, but especially the ones that make the most money in the corporate market), it’s hard to understand why Ballmer thought it was a nuisance, but the story is good so they it was worth it in the end.

There was also talk that Microsoft could be responsible for Nintendo’s hardware and games. It is an agreement that would make a little more sense in that case.


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