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Music Reviev: Linnea Dale – "Wait For The Morning" New Debut


RESTART: Linnea Dale is re-launching her career on a really good third album.
RESTART: Linnea Dale is re-launching her career on a really good third album. Photo: Marianne Ski / Aftertouch


A surprising morning dawn in a career that lasted in the evening.

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Linnea Dale
«Wait Morning»
(Aftertouch Records)

Career Linnea Dalea out of almost ten years of refinement Donkeiboi was a broker and a seeker: a partial disappointment, a partial resignation, somebody would like to recognize the popes of the daily flies. Traditionally, this third solo album should be the final nail in the career box before the artist takes his breath and enters into everyday life.

However, some have forgotten to transmit these transformative songs to the 27-year-old from Tinne in Telemark. Instead of making an unforgettable part of the half-track, she did the opposite. Together with good aides, she completely ignored the modern, partly cold and expressive expression of the flood of the past. The warm is turned, the pace was rejected. It's like a whole new beginning.

Those who follow little will not be surprised. The first part of the "favorite error" It was something unusual like a song that did not try to get into the mathematical assumptions of the love technology of streaming. Instead, he agreed with heavy rhythms and long lasting moods as if it were in 1979. There are many such long fingertips here.

Continuing this way of thinking gives the album a comprehensive understanding that is unusually mature and retrospectively innovative. It opens up in something that could be the same in the 1970s or the early 1990s Villiama Orbita. Especially his vocal strategies can be a guide to explaining how Dale's dunk, precise and smooth vocal extends the album. Equally divided into a nose and dry, but always as an integral part.

She shared a song with Sigurd Thomassen (Pov Pov) and Kim Edward Bergseth – next to Jonas Alaska's son. This one is well covered in the title song, which is allegedly a duet. With exclusively good people, this expanded trio created a wonderful genre mix that moves between soft souls and dark electronics. New details are collected in every listening, with some of the same timeless formalities that the noble Norwegian duo Band of Gold also exhibits: relaxed and comfortable, without getting too comfortable. Incomprehensibly moldy and strictly shaped.

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So the idols continued

The beautiful eight songs gave space to Dale in the short half an hour. Includes a sweet, but slightly weird set-up of 12-year-old Dale who introduces and plays the song she has written. 15 years later she became her best album. Let's say this is the right start.

THE BEST LOT: "Like Bullet"

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