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Northugu needs Beito's score. Klbo can help – Start: FIS rules can ruin a new Northugov plan


BEITOSTØLEN (Dagbladet): Petter Northug told him on Wednesday that he would consider setting up before Christmas, if the body does not respond soon.

However, he does not believe in the college of representation. Emil Iversen, Finn Hagen Krogh, Arild Monsen and Vidar Løfshus look much brighter about the capabilities of Mosquit Express than he himself wrote at a press conference on Wednesday.

In the next few weeks, it will be crucial that the cross-countri train receives continuity in the training world and gradually build several competitions. The plan is to start friday five kilometers in classical and subotic freestyle prints in Beitostollen as a clean training for Northugove.

"On my part, the world is just training. I know that I will end up far behind," said Mosquitoxpress yesterday.

But, calmly, Northug can not take it. If not, he risks that FIS will refuse to participate in the World Cup on the day they try again. Maybe Davos will soon be in spite of Northug's new plan. That's what Arild Monsen explains to Dagbladet.

"We agreed that Petter would fall Kuusamo. If the body is working in the future, it may be appropriate to go to the Davos World Cup, informing the coach of the sprintland team.

A critical FIS rank for Northug

But here FIS can stop the return of the world cup for Petter Northug, ranking as the 318th best skier-crosser with 59.21 FIS points.

REQUIRED RESULT: Petter Northug has a short time to get the sprint that he needs to be in FIS to participate in the World Cup. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
REQUIRED RESULT: Petter Northug has a short time to get the sprint score required for FIS's request to go to the World Cup. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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Even worse, it's actually in the sprint with a total of 109.90 FIS points. This is critical: The lower the FIS points, the better. Johannes Høsflot Klæbo has, for example, 0.00 in FIS points in the sprint. Northug is awesome.

– You ranked number 318 at FIS ranking. Do you think it gives you a good picture of your level?

– That's right. Perhaps I'm too loud, says Petter Northug in Dagbladet in a distinctive way.

But this is not a joke. In order for FIS to be allowed to go to the World Cup, you have to run for the last 12 months with less than 120 FIS points in the sprint – or less than 60 FIS points in the pass.

There, Northug is rescued within the border crossing with a fertile 11th place, a classic 15 kilometers in NM in Alta in April, has only two sprint numbers in the last 12 months:

* 20th place in the prologue on the Norwegian Nordic race in Gala on November 25, 2017 gave 92.02 points FIS. Then Northug was 9.9 seconds behind Riseth.

* December 2, 2017, Mosquikus Express number 32 was in the sprint pilot in Lillehammer, 13.4 seconds behind the Klitschko. He gave 77.06 points FIS.

FIS rules can be destroyed by Northug

Of the athletes who failed to achieve 120 FIS points in these sprints, i.e. The magical boundary, we had solid names like Len Valjas and Renaud Jai, who were both about 20 seconds.

In other words, about 20 seconds behind the winner of the Beitostolen winner on Saturday will be the critical limit for Northug if Klæbo wins the prologue. If the other runner wins – with weaker FIS points from Clip-on, the number of seconds Northug could be behind will be considerably lower.

BAD OUTSTANDING: If Petter Northug manages to enter the FIS condition - usually doing well, he will in any case be in an unfavorable situation with bad seeds on the day they try again at the World Cup. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
BAD OUTSTANDING: If Petter Northug manages to enter the FIS request – which usually goes well, he will in any case be in an unfavorable situation with a poor seed of the day when he will try again at the World Cup. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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All the time, Klábo has the smallest FIS point in the world in the sprint, for Northug, it will be more convenient for him to win and make a base for calculating from those with higher FIS points.

That, however, means that Petter Northug can not enter a short time if he wants to be in FIS for going to the World Cup.

Training trip – as I announce the 32-year-old – can be risky because it fails to deliver a good result in the Norway Cup before Vorldcupcomeback.

A knife on the throat

The 32-year-old must have a useful sprint result before December 2, if he is able to go for example a sprint race at the World Cup venue in Davos.

Also confirmed by the director of representation Vidar Løfshus to Dagbladet.

"Petter has to run with enough bad FIS points in the last twelve months to qualify for the FIS World Cup qualification." He is currently in possession of Gala last year, says Løfshus Dagbladet.

ADD UP ?: Ski centers have met with the press regarding the opening of the season. It was, among other things, an open Northug. Video: NTB Scanpik. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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– But next weekend, will it disappear?

– Yes, twelve months ago, the previous sprint runs with bad FIS points, Petter must have new FIS points.

– Can it be agreed here in Beitostolen on Saturday?

"Yes, I hope Petter is able to fix it, it's a prologue that is being applied, but I do not have accurate information about how quickly I have to compare myself with the best," says Løfshus Dagbladet.

– About 20 seconds behind Klbo, if you win the prologue, it seems to be a critical boundary. This means that he can not go on a weekly journey and think about training?

"No, that could Petter say, and then it starts a bad time to get FIS points that are low enough to qualify for the World Cup, recognizing the head of the national team.

Unsuitable seed

On the day Northug corrects the FIS requirement, he will still face a new challenge in the possible return of the World Cup in the sprint.

Then he wants to use it and must start a lot after his favorite. This can cause worse conditions and a more difficult starting point for moving forward from the prologue, which is difficult enough for itself and where hundreds are counting.

"Petter has another handicap in prology due to poor seeds and maybe an unfavorable starting position, but I do not mean much to say," says Løfshus Dagbladet.

The last time Northug was number one on the FIS ranking was the end of the 2013/14 season. In the 2016/17 season. He was at 14-15 FIS points and remained one of the top ten tennis players in the world until the end of the season.

Since then, the case has been dramatic, and now Northug must deliver results to Beitostollen or the Norwegian team in order to be in a fiscal claim for the World Cup.

"I hope Petter has enough FIS points, but I have to check," says Arint Monsen, sprinter coach for Dagbladet.

He is not so negative toward Northug's chances as the protagonist himself.

– NORTH SEEDS: Anna Hague is in fifth place of 10 kilometers classical. And she discovers the relationship between her husband Emile Jonson and Peter Northugu. Video: Lise Rafaelsen / Dagbladet
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"Petter trained almost two weeks after leaving the Val Senales home and tolerated it." We can not play emotions, but we need to have concrete tests. "We drove a test that shows Petter is unwilling to go to Kuusamo, Monsen said.

– It's said, but the door is not completely locked. If it works well in Beitostolen, it's good to continue training Monday.

– Did he advise to go to the Lillehammer minitour?

"Peter needs to show Galau a bit, he will not be shot without showing the results there All the racers must have a chance, but they must be within reason." Petter does not go to Lillehammer if he is not competitive there.

That's why Northug dropped the World Cup in Beit

World Cup races in Beitostolen in the second weekend in December are completely outdated. For Dagbladet, Petter Northug explains why.

NORTHUG REAGER: Silver winner Sergei Ustyugov looked like he did not want to be at a solemn ceremony. After the formal ceremony at the award ceremony, it was a fact, won a silver medal during the World Championship in Lahti. Video: Lise Rafaelsen
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– It's a tremor and a relay. It does not apply to me, as my situation is now. My hope is in the sprint. It's a place where I think I can have a chance. The speed is still there, writes Petter Northug.

Monsen does not think that Northug will set up before Christmas, although the 32-year-old spoke about a chance on Wednesday.

"At least we have not talked about it. It's not my job to think about it.

– Do you think Petter is more positive than he said at the press conference?

"Yes, Petter is not going around and depressed by the day, in the last sessions he has a strong level to a certain level. He is not there to be able to get involved when big guys really go after seven to eight minutes, but are good at a certain level, says Monsen.

"Now, Petter has to dress without interruption and take several competitions, more important than ever." He does not get older, Peter is much worse and worse after we started working together.

Løfshus shelf Northug

Monsen did not lose faith in Northug.

"I think Petter can make some good races in the middle. What makes me suspicious is that he has to endure and train fully" basic "as well as many other skiers in Norway on a daily basis," says Romdalingen.

"He was unhappy at Val Senales with a tumble balloon there, because he was on the road, and then it took a little time, but after that it was good again, you realize. I can not be a pessimist, but I hope this will turn.

Vidar Løfshus also did not give up his return to Northug at the World Cup, although he sees the situation at the moment is not very bright.

"I think Petter is very real with regard to the season, it's a fight against the clock to reach the usable physical level. I ask if it's going, but I do not think it will go before Christmas, no. If the season is bad, there is a danger that maybe be springtime, "says Løfshus in Dagbladet.

– What is the loss of sports sports Northugra soon?

"In that case, we will lose one of the greatest skiers in the world over time, but we hope that we will not get there.

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