Thursday , June 1 2023

Pilots believe that Boeing was not notified before the conflict in Indonesia


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A system called the tanning system is an automated maneuvering system designed to help the pilot avoid lifting the nose at an oversized level during the flight, so the plane is steep. The system will help move the nose on the plane when it falls.

Pilots flying in the United States claim they have not been trained in new system details, which should be different from previous Boeing 737 models. This detail should be central to the investigation of the airstrikes where 189 people died on October 29, according to newspaper reports agency AP.

– Damn it

Boeing was supposed to add new details in the direction of flight safety, which is precisely what pilots should do to prevent a possible fall in the event of an error in the system. It does not appear if details are added after the flight control in Indonesia.

"It was not something we learned during any of our trainings. It did not fit in our books. Our pilots do not have it," says pilot 737, and spokesman Dannis Tayer in an alliance of American Airlines pilots.

Spokeswoman Jon Veaks in the alliance of pilots at Southwest Airlines told The Vall Street Journal that they were "damned" in Boeing because the manufacturer, in his words, did not tell air companies about the change of details and that the pilots were not told.

– For sure

According to spokesman Brandi King in the southwest, the new maneuver system is not included in the MAKS Manual.

Boing chief Dennis Muilenburg says he is confident that the Boeing 737 is a safe type of aircraft. He denies that the company has kept details of companies and pilots.

"We were involved in an investigation led by the authorities and helped provide all the information they need to ensure they get a full view of the situation," Muilenburg told Fox News.

Advanced plane

Almost a brand new Boeing 737 MAKS 8 plane, one of the most advanced in the world, just managed to be in the air 13 minutes after he left Jakarta before it crashed. 181 passengers and eight crew members lost their lives. The plane belonged to Lion Air and crashed into the sea northeast of Java.

More than 200 such flights have been shipped to a growing number of airlines around the world, including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

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