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POREZ lists , POREZ Lister – Bendtner with a revenue of 20 million NOK


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Dansk Rosenborg saves the team mates.

Denmark's football star Nicklas Bendtner is on the tax list for 2017 with a turnover of 19,939,350 crowns.

The council is quoted with zero luck for the same tax year.

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He was sentenced to prison

Bendtner picked up Rosenborg in 2017 and played his first season for that year. He scored 19 goals in 29 games.

Bendtner is focusing this season for the episode in Copenhagen, where he had to throw a taxi driver.

The council has recently been sentenced to 50 days of unconditional imprisonment for violence.

Bendtner and his lawyer have already announced that they will appeal the verdict.

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The thirty-year-old is therefore the highest income of players in Rosenborg in 2017. For comparison, the countryman Mike Jensen earned 4,554,220 NOK in the same period. It has a wealth of 6,110,792 crowns.

Stopperkamp Tore Reginiussen earned 3,572,002 kroner according to tax records for 2017, while Pal Andre Helland earned 1,097,183 kroner.

Koteng with great wealth

Co-founder of Bendtner, who played for Saint Etienne in 2017 and came to Rosenborg in 2018, recorded a turnover of 6,310,228 crowns.

Søderlund also has a capital of CZK 2,176,107.

Andre Hansen, who is one of the biggest stars in Rosenborg, is in tax records with a revenue of 2,579,371 crowns.

Former Rosenborg coach Kare Ingebrigtsen, who got a job this summer, has a revenue of 4,865,154 in the tax year 2017.

Ingebrigtsen led Rosenborg in the series that year.

RBK President Ivar Koteng has a revenue of 21,876,394 crowns, while on the list he has 795,066,813 crowns.

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