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Protein powder can be unhealthy


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FOOD FOOD: If you eat a variety of foods, you usually get more than enough protein.

myth of protein

Many people experience great pressure for muscle building, especially for boys. Many believe that the way to large and defined muscles becomes easier if you take protein powder.

Everywhere we see protein powder. In the fitness center, online, among blogs in social media, in the kiosk at the corner of the street and at the sports store. If you're hungry for training, it's often easier to get a protein bar than a full meal.

Hidden advertising

Many may not know that when training bloggers write about protein supplements, it may be because they get money to write about these products. Several sites with training tips are also marketing channels for protein supplements. In other words, a lot of what you read can be unfortunately hidden advertising. With the help of bloggers, magazines and others who write about training, powdered foods and other sports nutrition products in a short time, they have become a lucrative industry.

Common foods provide enough protein

The fact is that protein requirements can easily be covered by consuming plain foods. Even if you build muscles, you will get enough protein by eating regular, varied foods.

In the jungle of exercise and nutrition information, it may be difficult to know what to eat in order to achieve the desired results. Here's an example:

The 16-year-old boy of 65 kg needs 72 grams of protein per day (1.1 grams per kilogram of body weight / day). If she ate two large pieces of bread with a yellow cheese and drank a glass of milk for breakfast and ate a chicken fillet with half a broccoli and rice for dinner, he actually had covered the needs for proteins.

… and for athletes

Athletes, of course, have an increased need for proteins. Now most boys eat more than this in one day, and therefore tend to absorb much more protein than they are in these two meals. Most people eat lunch and maybe some snacks, and therefore they will get more than enough protein to meet the needs of exercise and physical activity. Most people actually get the need for protein through a regular child.

There are also some young people who decide to take protein supplements instead of eating food. In that case, they will not absorb all the nutrients in the food. Not just for athletes, it's important to have a diverse diet to meet the need for everyone <span class = "dictionaries_popover" data-content = "nutrients

The usual substances are & nbsp; Absorbent substances & nbsp; body and which provide & nbsp; energy, contributions & nbsp; Maintain & nbsp; life & nbsp; or are building blocks of growth.

"> Nutrients.

What does dust contain?

If you decide to buy protein supplements, it's important to consider where to buy protein powder, weight gainer, and creatine. In particular, products sold in some online stores may contain prohibited or harmful substances.

It's time to kill the protein. Save the money you spend on protein powder, and rather use them to buy good foods that contain both proteins and other nutrients that the body also needs.

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