Sunday , April 2 2023

Real Madrid came in with a new win


Celta Vigo – Real Madrid 2-4

Near the top of La Liga after the weekend. Real Madrid, who finished sixth on Sunday Sunday in Celta, now have four points behind Barcelona, ​​but did not move forward.

Real Madrid took a victory after 20 minutes, thanks to Karim Benz. The result came as a result of Luka Modric's game. Gustavo Cabral caused the crowd to go mental with his goal up the middle after 0,5 minutes.
about the neighborhood in the second half. Five minutes later, the reduction came to Celta at Hugo Mall.

Right before the regular Rea Madrid got a penalty. Captain Real Madrid Sergio Ramos broke through to 3-1. In the last minute of the match, Ramos was involved in the second outing of Real Madrid. The captain delivered the passport to Dan
Kebalos who gave the guests 4-1.

In the extra-time, the team scored a score for 2-4 from Brais Mendez.

Victory is the second win in the La Liga line, under the new coach of Santiago Solari. The team also won a lot in the middleweight championship.

With the loss of Barcelona for Real Betis, there were several teams that could pull points at the top. In Vitória Alaves he took Huesca. Alaves never lost home against Huesc in La Liga, and the match on Sunday did not change good domestic statistics.

However, the guests got the best position and took control of My Gomez. But the hosts won a 2-1 victory after they scored a goal from Joni Rodriguez and Ruben Sobrin. Alaves now have 23 points, while Barcelona has 24.

In other matches, Sevilla won 2-1 over Espanyol, and secured three key points. There are now 23 points. Rayo Vallecano played against Villarreal.

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