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Son: – I thought, "Now, Mom is dead"


The son (14) Janne Jemtland explained that he was thinking of calling the police, but that he did not know what had happened.

HEDMARK TINGRETT (ABC Nevs): The 13-year-old son was questioned in a children's home after Janne Jemtland, 36, left Roma last year. The hearing was conducted after his 36-year-old husband, Svein Jemtland, 47, was arrested and charged with murder.

At the hearing, he was asked what he had heard and watched at night until December 29, after his parents came home from a party in Brumundal.

The son explained that he heard arguments from the bedroom.

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– Mom is dead now

Then the boy explained that he heard his mother get out of bed and that the bedroom door had melted.

– I heard Mom cry: "Drop me".

"Do you know why she screamed?" Asked by the researcher in question.

"Because she left," he said.

Svein Jemtland is charged with the murder of his wife Janne Jemtland on December 29th. Photo: Private

Shortly thereafter, he believed that he heard someone fall on the stairs before the loud war between the parents continued on the stairs outside.

"He cheated on each other, and after that I heard a loud kick, it was completely quiet, and after that I heard some seagulls on the spot." Then I thought, "Mom is dead now."

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– Strange and stressful

After the smell, the son explained that after 15 minutes he was on his way down the stairs when he met his father. Then the boy was asked to go up and lodge.

– Dad was weird and accentuated. He looked overwhelmed and wanted to sleep fast in bed, said his son, explaining that my father told me he had not heard the noise.

The son felt that he must know what was the noise. The father should ask why he was up and how long he was awake.

(The case continues below the image)

House Janne Jemtland (36), where the prosecution considers the 36-year-old murdered his husband Svein Jemtland. Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpik

The 47-year-old also told her son not to go to her parents' bedroom that night, or the next day.

"I thought it looked suspicious that he did not want to go into the room. The next day I asked my mom in the whole house, and I did not find her," said the son.

The next morning, the father explained that Janne traveled to the gym.

"I was just calling the police, but I thought I did not know what happened.

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– Expected

Svein Jemtland was arrested on Friday, January 12, charged and later charged with the murder of his wife.

During the road trip on the same day, according to his son, the father had to declare the following:

"He said that I must say that I saw those moms in the bedroom so that he should have been released from prison." Dad also said, "You do not want two parents," he said.

– What do you think he was arrested? asked the police investigator.

"I expected him to be, because he said that he might not return that day," said the son.

At the hearing, the son said he believed his father would be condemned.

"What do you think about that?" Asked a police investigator.

– It's fine.

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