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Spice Girls Reunited – again



Pop group Spice Girls is ready to return. This time, he will visit Britain, without Victoria Beckham.

published: Updated: 11/05/18 16:53

Spice Girls fans were waiting for excitement later Ski Nevs Earlier on Monday, it was reported that a group of girls would come out with great news. 15 local time, i.e. 16 Norwegian weather. It was quickly envisaged that it was the main tour of the 2019 tour.

And there came a message about the tour, with an incredible pressure of self-esteem. Four members – therefore, without Victoria Beckham, published a video in which they advertise a tour in the UK, notifying ticket sales and "arguments" about what they should wear.

"We can not start to argue now, if we go on a tour," Melanie C said in the video.

Emma Bunton (42), during a radio interview with the "heart", Jamie Theakston stated that "everything will be published in social media."

– I am so excited. I want to spread the news. It will be incredible, Bunton, also called "Babi Spice," he scared.

Spice Girls launched a whole new day in the last 24 hours instagram account, where they released several pictures from the band's celebrity, and where they warn someone's way of counting. However, on the profile picture, there are only four members. Victoria Beckham, 44, smiled for her absence. She has led the press to conclude that they will not join the gathering.

Ski Nevs writes that Victoria is completely in the design and has no time to tour. This confirms Ms. Beckham to her Instagram account, where she continues to boast of the wonderful time she had with her friends in Spice Girls.


Earlier this spring VG wrote that Spice Girls allegedly needed to join during the year – the first time since 2012.

British spices did not co-operate with the musical "Viva Forever" in 2012, a set of critics in general, and ended up in cash. The previous unification happened in 2007. In January of the year, there was a fall again.

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Spice Girls invited to Prince Harry's wedding

Five must accordingly Sun they were offered 10 million pounds, or over 100 million kronor. Chief "idol" Simon Fuller (58) should have been an important primus engine. Since this spring, the British media have said that Victoria loved most, but that she was certain that she he did not have to sing live if he joins

Mel B (43) hinted instagram four days ago – during Halloween – that Victoria Beckham should not join the rumors of the gathering. She and one friend stood in costumes Beckham, Mel B with Victoria's mask and a sign "I'm not going on a tour".


Melov's ex-husband: – The fear of my life and my security

Emma, ​​Mel B and Gerry Horner (former Hallivell) joined the three in 2016 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Spice Girls, but they have not been properly composed for more than six years.

Victoria I instagram my picture of all girls together in a private environment in February of this year. «I love my girls"She wrote.


Spice Girls Reunion in trouble – again

Jentegrupa saw the light of 1994 and won her biggest mass international hit two years later with Vannabe. In 1998, Geri, 46, decided to quit the pop quintet, and in 2000, members announced that they had stopped indefinitely in order to make a single bet.

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