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Tettei ended up in Norwich – he does not rule out a new club

Almost two weeks ago, Alexander Tettei and Norwich celebrated their promotion to the Premier League. Today, it became clear that the 35-year-old will not re-enter the club in the most generous company.

This confirms that Tettei herself was the outcome after a meeting with sports director Stuart Webber on Tuesday.

– The message I received is that the club will not offer me a contract extension. Next year, the club will play first league football again, and then they want to strengthen the team and the team. The message did not surprise me, says Aleksandar Tettei for TV 2.

Tettei gradually became an experienced fox ring for Norwich, where he played 243 league games since the transfer from Rennes in 2012.

101 of these games are in the Premier League.

This year’s season currently has four games since the beginning and 14 games as a replacement.

Tettei shows full understanding of the club’s decision.

– This season I have not played as much as in recent years and I am starting to progress well in the football context. So it’s not a problem for me to understand why the club thinks the way it thinks, says Tettei.

A longtime Norwich fan, TV 2 commentator Casper Vikestad, believes that Norwich is saying goodbye to a true club legend.

– Alexander Tetti had a fantastic career in Norwich. Playing for nine years at the club is quite exceptional, whether you are from Norway or somewhere else. Tettei was nine years old in Norwich in one of the best club periods. He has a terrible position in the club and he was an incredible ambassador for the whole of Norway, says Vikestad.

– Proud of what we have achieved together

Although he ended up being promoted to the Premier League, Alexander Tetti is not convinced that he would have agreed to extend his contract if he had won it.

In the end, the yellow-green finish was pretty perfect.

– When I extended the contract last winter, both sides were determined that it was the last contract we signed. So, even though I was offered a new contract, I’m not sure what I would answer, says Tettei.

In total, he was involved in three Premier League promotions with Norwich.

– I am proud to have played in the Premier League and the championship for nine seasons and I am proud of what we have achieved here together. Here, I felt welcome and appreciated from the first day, both by the people in the club, and by my teammates, coaches and fans. The fans were absolutely fantastic with me, says Tettei.

According to Casper Wickedstad, Tettei is the non-British player with the most matches in Norwich of all time.

– He was on the list of the 50 best through the centuries. It all speaks to what he contributed. He was a captain and an important piece all the way, maybe with the exception of this year’s season, in which there was less time to play, says Vikestad.

He is building a house in Trondheim

When Alexander Tettei extended his contract with Norwich last year, it was quite clear that he would resign when his contract with Norwich expires. But even if that has now become a fact, the 35-year-old will not categorically claim that he is now retiring.

– I will definitely get a lot of questions about the way forward in the near future. My family and I are now building a house in Trondheim and it will be ready in a short time. The plan was, and still is, to settle there. But I’m not sure what I’m going to do then, Tettei says.

AUDIENCE HERO: Alexander Tettei still has a big star among Rosenborg fans.  Now the 35-year-old is likely to return to Trondheim.

AUDIENCE HERO: Alexander Tettei still has a big star among Rosenborg fans. Now the 35-year-old is likely to return to Trondheim. Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesvag

Former club heroes such as Marcus Henriksen and Per Target Skielbred have already returned to Rosenborg. Speculation about RBK’s return is unlikely to subside now, twelve years after Tettei left the club.

– I feel that it is football that I can do, it has been my job for almost 20 years and I do not ignore that there will be something in football that I will continue with, says Tettei.

He reveals that there have already been several inquiries from clubs asking if he intends to continue playing football.

– I can’t answer that decisively. Nine seasons in English football are biting your body and mind. So next time I will spend with my family to find out what I want to spend my time on in the future, says Alexander Tetti.

The fact that Tettei does not refuse to play football in the future and to return to Trondheim, TV 2 football expert Jesper Mathisen believes that he is a star in the eyes of some Rosenborg supporters.

– If Aleksandar Tettei is motivated to continue playing football, I hope that he will need a few more years in Rosenborg for both Rosenborg and Norwegian football. In any case, there is no doubt that he is good enough for that. He was probably a bit skeptical about artificial turf before, but in the worst case, Tettei is so good that he can play home and away games on the grass. There is at least a little doubt that it would be fun for Tettei to return to Rosenborg, says Jesper Mathisen.

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