Wednesday , May 25 2022

The age of children in a divorce is important for the use of antidepressants


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This appears in a study conducted at the Norwegian Public Health Institute.

– There have been many analyzes about children's actions affecting children, but we do not know much. In this study, we investigated whether the age of children in a divorce influences their subsequent use of antidepressants, says the first author, Øistein Kravdal.

The study showed that children who experience divorce when they are aged 0 to 4 years old have a 12 percent greater likelihood of using antidepressants in adulthood (20-44 years) than children who have a divorce between the ages of 15 and 19. When the 0-4 year olds compare with those who were older than 20 when their parents divorced, the difference increased to 19 percent.

Researchers believe that the explanation may be that children experiencing the divorce situation in their youth live with strains in the case of an unsatisfactory relationship between parents and later fractures over a longer period of their childhood.

The second explanation may be that the goods are slightly different when interruptions occur while the children are small.

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