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The Lord is damned after Sola is shocked


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Sola – Vipers: 26-31 (15-16)

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Asen SALA (Aftenbladet) Vipers came with the largest full size pistol Asenhallen – this was not put out by the first team team.

Initially, they were full Vipera, which is the best team in Norway and sometimes field in Europe. On Sunday, Vipers hit Bucharest in the Champions League. Tonight Asenhallen waited a lot of stairs.

The girls from Sola delivered six to the dice in the first, but something happened after the break. From brilliant shots and fast returns, they turned to lose concentration and wander into attack and defense in the second half.

"I do not know exactly what we're doing. We have to be harsh and we can not play as we did against the best Norwegian team in the second half. We will lose all the impulses and efforts," says Mr Aftenbladet.

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Answer the charge

"If we played as well as in the first place, it would be stable. That's why I'm now a little damn," says Lord.

One, who, on the other hand, was not disappointed with the team was the coach Scott Harrington. He saw a team that fought to the end.

"I liked what the girls were delivering, it's amazing to see that they have no nerves." The other problem was that Vipers has 18 good players, and they can change without losing quality, "says Harrington.

The gentleman was the first time in eight years for the first time in the championship. Landscaping Director Thorir Hergeirsson was present during the game – and Herrem saw a few small watches that looked at the stadium.

"It was so delicious to give an adequate response to the indictment. I did not have bombs in one of the best world goalkeepers, it was good," says Herrem.

shock Start

Even before the match, Asenhallen had a lot of nappies. Viper's viewers made a huge trumpet, but Sola's viewers reacted trying to get back in a solid hemiropy.

The atmosphere was set up and the players disappeared the second time – it's been a long time since he was cooked in Asenhallen.

After many scored a full result, the players of both teams did it. The opening of the minute went sharp and the ball almost flew to the wall.

Sola was in charge after three minutes, and the Sola ladies continue to shock Vipers with six players in the EM team. For this hull, Camilla Herrem was destroyed for the first time for eight years.

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The last chance is brilliant

And the Lord would like to show that Hergeirrson made mistakes in retirement – first of all, she had four options. She put everything in the net masks, two of which came from contradictions.

After several extreme breakthrough minutes, the routine Lord ordered to calm down in the attacks. This allowed a quick countdown in Fahlberg, so there were five salvages in the first 15 minutes.

One other that also appeared in a big battle was the last chance of Sisse Marie Bøge Fahlberg. She is Solas new, because Kimberley Evanichich-Bleivik got pregnant. Fahlberg remarked with ten spas in the first place.

Even after the turbulence of that time, the Sole girls managed to hold the first round. They walked in the wardrobe naked behind Viper.

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Used bugs

The second time, Viper began to show a high class. Ellertsen started the game with two bombs. This helped the South Club move with four goals, five minutes in the second half.

Sole trainer Scott Harrington quickly grabbed and left a ticket to break on the table. This resulted in a return when Superstar Kristina Novak (18) threw a bullet at eight meters.

This helped a little bit in a salt mistake. They had a player out and played with the goalkeeper outside. In the striker, Martha Barka is on the court with guard Fahlberg. This led Sola to have only five players on the floor.

Although Sola's girls bravely fought, it became increasingly clear that there was a difference in teams. Ten minutes before the end, the visiting team led eight goals – and impossible now is impossible.

Although hope was gone, the girls never gave up. A goalkeeper without much experience at this level, Ine Skartveit Bergsvik tried to make a penalty. This is saved magically.

Although the rescue was high, the Sola failed to measure Vipera in the last minutes. This meant that the girls in yellow form fell out in front of the fine.

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