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The team is too old, he spent too much money and the results are a crisis – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and schedule

– Damn, damn. In football, there is a crisis, we are not hiding. When the crisis arises, you have to get out of it and go through it, and find the resources to get out of it, says Horneland NRK – to questions about what he thinks about the second-last place, the five ends of the goals in the first three games of this year Elite series.

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He says he did not lose the night dream from the start to Rosenborg in this year's series. But the man who was bought and buried in Haugesund in January this year is struggling with what he has not yet done. He adds that he always believed that the team came out of a difficult period. The first opportunity arrives on Monday in Strømsgodset, before Molde waits for two weeks.

The pressure of the media and people he does not perceive as a big problem, claims Horneland. "The results like everyone around me are terribly disturbing," he says. But he does not like the situation and realizes that pressure is part of the job.

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– NOW NOW: Pal Andre Helland of RBK said on Sunday for Eurosport, after defeating Stabaek and thus a point in three games in this year's series.

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It does not read – it will be "clean" in the head

After such a start, a large number of people tried to explain how Horneland should deal with the next period, others punched the game in isolation, criticized individuals, while some tried to pull a slightly larger line to explain Rosenborg in April 2019.

In the light of the recent, Horneland says he did not read the comment Addressed by Birger Lofaldly, which was released on Tuesday night. He thinks he can be a "coconut" in his head. Horneland thinks it must be "clean in its head" and have "pure thoughts" instead of following everything that has been said.

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RBK is engaged

SIGURAN COMMENT: Adresseavisen's commentator claims a decision on Rosenborg's work in recent years.

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He used too much money

The comment is at least sharp against Rosenborg and those who ruled – and those who are now running the club. Lofaldley believes this is "a dangerous lot of similarities between today's Rosenborg and the club that collapsed ten years ago."

Horneland answers exactly as follows:

– I think we're standing next to the generational shift. And ahead of important choices for the future. No doubt about that. I think that it was spent too much money, more money than we should first use. We need to come up with some clever decisions to make Rosenborg sustainable in the future.

According to Horneland, smart choices are about "creating development" and "spending a bit less money than today."

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GENERAL CHANGES IN RBK: Mike Jensen (left), Andre Hansen (top right), Tore Reginiussen and Nicklas Bendtner (bottom right) are between 29 and 33 years old.

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Too old team

The age of this year's Rosenborg crew was also problematic. Among other things, on TV 2. Before losing Stabæk Sunday, the channel calculated that caregivers had the oldest first liver of the Eliteserie, and expert Jesper Mathisen was very critical.

When Horneland gets questions about how easy it is for a young player to come to Rosenborg today, he answers as follows:

– Now is the generation shift in Rosenborg. This is indisputable. It must come because it's a little old. But the starting point is that those who have the quality and hunger here are needed. But football life does not last forever, so we have to start a process in which we will build a new Rosenborg, says RBK coach.

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SPORTS MANAGER: Stig Inge Bjørnebie in Rosenborg, since Eirik Horneland was introduced as the new coach of the club in January this year.

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– We're going to the average age

The sporting leader in Rosenborg, Stig Inge Bjørnebie, naturally brought Horneland's views on the generational change in the club and says that the two are on the same line when it comes to thinking about the logistics of the players.

When asked by the NRC whether a change in the generation could have been done in a better way, Bjørnebie responded in the following way:

– The change of generation is an ideal continuous process, but if you look at those who raise the average age in Rosenborg, then mostly players of national teams. They have immense expertise, quality and experience.

– You do not remove Mike Jensen, Tore Reginiussen or Andre Hansen, who have been in Eliteserien for three years and are national law. We descend to the average age of the team. However, several older players are national team players, so we need to take the generation of the move step by step, says Bjørnebie.

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