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There are many indications that more people choose a city bag this year – Easter – private

– We expect more visitors to Easter Sunday than usual. The figures so far indicate that Monday and Tuesday are already better than usual with 5,000 visitors yesterday, says Kai Litch, Managing Director of Oslo Street Food, the newly opened Torghati Hall to E24.

Communication manager Hege Ramseng of the Brewery and Beverage Association says there are many who choose the town of Easter.

– There are some who celebrate Easter in the city, and in connection with the fact that Easter is coming to the end of this year, there are few who remain in the city. When the weather is nice, there are more people who are craving to eat in the open air. In addition, there is a great expectation that you will sit in the shade on the booth and take a cold beer, she says.

Events on Easter

Large cities have several events that go on Easter. In Oslo, among other things, the Inferno Festival is scheduled.

"It's going to be completely sold out, so we expect to reach 5,000 people for four days," says Runar Pettersen, Festival Press Director.

The aquarium in Bergen has shown a good Easter number so far.

– We had about 1,000 visitors both on Mondays and Tuesdays, and we have some Easter Egg-Eating Activities, Competition in Knowledge and Different Eggs and Easter Quizs. Outdoor activities in beautiful weather and a very popular playground contribute to this, says director Aslak Sverdrup.

Many in the mountains

The daily manager of the Association of Alpine Landscapes Camilla Silling Clausen says for E24 that there was a lot of excitement about how the conditions were created during Easter.

– There are good conditions in the mountains. Maybe it does not look like this if you're sitting in Oslo. Most people keep all the tracks and elevators open this week.

In addition, she says it is difficult to say that the number of visitors remains on Easter and points out that there are still more people who have not completely decided.

– There are free capacities in the main destinations that provide reservation numbers. They reported a capacity of 15 to 20 percent a week before Easter. It is important to emphasize that this is without Airbnb and other such services, she says.

DNT reports that up to now the cabins had 7,515 guests.

– On Wednesday, in Easter week, we are on the same number of visitors as last year, although Easter this year is three weeks later. Cabins in the Easter field have a space warranty, and even though many on the mountain already have DNT cabins, there are places for more guests on Easter, says Communications Advisor Monica Hagglund Langen.

border trade

Ole Jorgen Lind told TV2 that there are good prospects for this year's Easter trade.

– It looks very good, Easter is late in the year and many are free. He is very suitable for good Easter, he told the newspaper.

The industrial organization Virke Handel also said that this year's border trade will bring a record.

"This is late Easter this year, many can choose to be less on the mountain than would otherwise be and see that Swedish stores are intensively selling their offers in Norwegian media and posters in the city environment," said director Harald Andersen.

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