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"Visting" – Jørn Lier Horst of "Visting" smells: – A leader who did not have control


Last week, Dagbladet spoke of a chaotic record of a series of criminal offenses TV3 and Viaplai "Visting", where a budget trick of at least 12 million Norwegian products went far beyond production.

About 600 people took part in the film, according to the production of the company behind the Cinenord series. Dagbladet was in contact last week with several critics involved in the company's production of Visting, but no one dares to express fear of losing future jobs.

Famous crime writer Jørn Lier Horst owns rights to Villiam Visting. The TV series "Visting" is based on two books that he wrote, "Hunting Dogs" and "Hulemannen". Horst also served as a consultant to make the narrative scenario of a police officer as realistic as possible.

He is aware of the problem of shooting that happened on the road.

"I am aware that there has been a budget overrun, which made less shots in Larvik and that there was a replacement of staff. At first, the person was in the picture, in the leading position in the recording administration, which had no control," said the author .

FORFATTER: Jørn Lier Horst stands behind the books of Villiam Visting. Photo: Anders Grønneberg / Dagbladet
THE AUTHOR: Jørn Lier Horst stands behind the books of William Wisting. Photo: Anders Grønneberg / Dagbladet
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Does not comment on personal questions

Dagbladet anonymises in this case the job description and the name of the person. The film worker submitted a statement to Horst, but he does not want to comment. Dagbladet was in contact with a company that had previously recruited a current employee of "Visting". They say that they were very satisfied with the work that a person did on other productions.

Responsible for Visting, producer and general manager, Silje Hopland Oak in Cinenord, says Dagbladet not to comment on personal matters.

As Dagbladet mentioned on Saturday, this is part of what happened on the way in shooting with "Visting" and criticized:

  • The excessive use led to a tremendous budget speech of tens of millions of dollars, leading to chaotic and insufficient working conditions.
  • The production company is charged with incompetence.
  • Workers believe that invoiced earnings are not paid in time.
  • Key people left the project: director, producer, production manager and photographer.

The reason for the problems was severe weather conditions, high ambitions, demanding scripts, illnesses and strikes, and not incompetence, claims Cinenord.

– I'm not worried

Excessive use of money was monitored at the beginning of the "Visting" video. Cinenord acknowledged Dagbladet that drastic moves and changes were made, both artistic and practical.

Cinenord, among other things, said, according to general director Silja Hopland Eik, "to simplify and tighten the scenario, film less on expensive locations and save in the budget." In addition, the director, producer, photographer and producer joined.

But Horst is not worried that this could affect "Visting".

"It's clear that such big projects are continually being done, but I think the CEO of Trigwe Allister Diesen is capable of dealing with this. I do not care about the series." The sneak look I've seen looks very good, says Horst.

Poor business economy

In January, Cinenord received over 50 million NOK prize in public funds from the Norwegian Film Institute to create a "Visting" and a drama series "Everything for Norway". At the same time, the accounts of the company Cinenord AS for 2017 are characterized by large examples of debt and auditors on "illegal loans to shareholders" and "uncertainties in relation to further operations".

"Our subcorporation, Cinenord Kidstori and Cinenord Drama, have profits, but due to the lack of internal billing of project companies, the operating company Cinenord AS unfortunately has a deficit in 2017, and now it is being corrected for 2018," said Hopland Eik Dagbladet,

– Using the company's cards in my name until the production ceased in 2017, but they settled in settling the account in 2018, when the project was completed by the end of the year. There is no uncertainty about further operations for Cinenord as a group.

– He must be checked

Head of International Relations Division of the Norwegian Film Institute Dag Asbjornsen said that Cinenord does not pay funds for Visting up to NOK 26 million before the company has submitted a project account approved for auditors.

"We will check the use of money, and then 25% of the costs associated with recording in Norway will be refunded if Cinenord meets the requirements," says Asbjørnsen.

Dagbladet was in contact with manager Sven Nordin, Thorilde Strand, who does not want to comment on the footage. Press manager at Viaplai and TV3, Fredrik Olimb also does not want to comment on production with "Visting".

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