Tuesday , March 28 2023

Arequipa: Mario Vargas Llosa will deliver a series of books to his hometown


The Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa on Sunday brings a new series of books from his personal library to a cultural center bearing his name in the southern city of Arequipa. Activity will take place at noon this week at the premises of the personal library of libraries.

It will provide 2,858 copies, including books and magazines about art, literature, history, philosophy and other disciplines, said Rommel Arce, Regional Library Director, Mario Vargas Llosa. It's a shipment of books that it is Nobel Prize for Literature during their stay in the city of Arequipa, come from their own personal libraries in Madrid (1,000) and Barranco, in Lima (1,858).


The specimens arrived in Arequipais in the early days of October, from where they began their classification before being publicized. Since 2012, which has started delivering books from Vargas Llosa's personal library to the city of Arequipa, more than 25,000 copies can be consulted at the Cultural Center, located in San Francisco Street block 3, two blocks away. from the main square.

Maria Vargas Llosa's personal library is not only characterized by the collection of books that inspired him in his literary career, but also with the comments, comments and criticisms of the writer from Arequipa.

Books will be issued by the author "City and Dogs" at a special ceremony attended by Governor Arekipa, Iamil Osorio and other guests participating in the Hai festival 2018, a cultural event featuring Vargas Llosa. . (Andean)

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