Wednesday , March 22 2023

Cancer kills men more than women: VHO


WHO data reveal that more men suffer and die of cancer, unlike the women's sector

Recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate that in 2018 there were 18.1 million new cases of cancer and 9.6 million deaths caused by this disease.

The data reveals that more men suffer and die from this disease, unlike the women's sector.

"One in five men and one in six women around the world develop cancer during their lifetime, and one in eight men and one in 11 women does not survive," the organization said.

Types of cancer with higher incidence this year were lungs, breast and colon; who are responsible, along with the other two, for the greatest number of deaths.

The lungs and the colon occupy the first two places in terms of mortality, while the breast occupies the fifth place. "Together, these three cancers account for one-third of incidence of cancer and the burden of mortality worldwide," the WHO said.

In addition to lung cancer, "it is one of the leading causes of death in both sexes and the leading cause of death in women in 28 countries. The highest incidence rates are observed in North America, northern and western Europe (especially in Denmark and the Netherlands), China, Australia and New Zealand, and Hungary is on the list. "

In men, lung cancer occupies first place and prostate cancer, others at incidence levels in developed and developing countries.

In the case of women, incidence in the breast far exceeds other types of cancer, both in developed countries and in developing countries, followed by colon in developed countries and cervical cancer in underdeveloped nations.

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