Saturday , January 16 2021

Chorrillos: Two people killed in a car accident

Raziel Garcia, a player from Cesar Vallejo University, is still being held at the Villa police station, in Chorrillos, after he played his car in a violent car accident in which several motorcyclists were killed, one of whom was a police officer.

As Latina reported, The driver of the car was parked next to the road and, when he wanted to turn around, he did not notice that the linear motorcycle was coming and there was a collision..

There was a woman and a man in a smaller vehicle, who fell on the pavement after a strong impact. A neighbor said they tried to help those affected and called an ambulance, but the deaths were finally confirmed.

Meanwhile, the police intervened with the driver of the car and took him to Villa Chorrillos Police Station go through a dose of ethyl and show its manifestation.

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Raziel Garcia’s father and his legal representative, model Genesis Tapia, addressed the mentioned police station.

In October, block 2 of Faisanes Avenue was the site of another fatal traffic accident. A seven-year-old boy was traveling on a motorcycle in a taxi with his mother when a vehicle driven by a drunk subject rammed and dragged them for several meters at a crossroads with a Peruvian guard.

Due to the severity of the accident, the minor and the driver of the motor taxi did not survive, while the woman was seriously injured and evacuated to the Maria Aukiliadora hospital.

The cause of the above-mentioned accident was identified as Jose Luis Vilchez Farfan, whose dose of ethyl gave 2.51 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, or five times more than allowed.

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