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Cobra Kai: Why the season 3 finale is titled “19. December ”| Netflix series nnda nnlt | FAME

2021 began with the premiere of Season 3 Cobra Kai, a successful sequel to the Karate Kid, set 34 years after the 1984 All-Valley Karate tournament, where we see the return of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRuss as adults.

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10 new chapters season 3 were full of nostalgia, bringing back some cute characters from the franchise “Karate Kid” like Kumiko (Tamlin Tomita), Chozen (Iuji Okumoto), Iuna (Traci Toguchi) and the long-awaited return Allie Mills (Elizabeth Shue), the ex-girlfriend of Johnny and Daniel and the person who caused the eternal rivalry between the two fighters.

Daniel and Johnny will join forces against Kreese in the fourth season "Cobra Kai" (Photo: Netflik)
Daniel and Johnny will join forces against Kreese in the fourth season of “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Netflix)

We also witnessed the recovery of Miguel, who ended up seriously injured after a fight at school. Further, Daniel LaRusso and Jhonni Lavrence They are trying to deal with their relationship and join forces against John Kreese, who took over the dojo Cobra Kai at the end of season 2. Thus a new dojo was born “Karate Eagle Fang”, commanded by Johnny.

More careful fans might also notice that the season 3 finale is over Cobra Kai its addressed “December 19”. The title of the chapter was not chosen by chance, the reason is due to the connection with the ‘Karate Kid’ universe.

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Cobra Kai: why the finale of season 3 is titled “19. December “

The end season 3 The title is “19. December “because it is the basic date in history Karate Kid– December 19, 1984 is the date of the karate tournament All Valley Under 18 when Daniel LaRusso defeated Johnny Lawrence.

According to the “Screenrant” portal, Cobra Kai ingeniously reformulated this date in season 3 to become another crucial day in the history of the saga. This is how we see that Johnny met again on the morning of December 19, 2018 with Ali Mills Schwarber (Elisabeth Shue), his ex-girlfriend who returned to Los Angeles for the holidays, and that was the first time they saw each other from Los Angeles. Karate Kid events. 1984.

John Kreese took over the dojo
John Kreese took over the dojo “Cobra Kai” at the end of season 2 (Photo: Netflik)

Another important event that happened on December 19 was Miguel’s visit to the dojo of Miyagi-Do at the invitation of Samantha LaRusso (Marie Mouser), where he began to learn about Daniel’s late sensi.

That same evening, Daniel and his wife Amanda (Courtney Henggeler) caught up with Ali and Johnny at a party at a country club and everyone remembered Daniel, Johnny and Ali’s high school. Thanks to Ali, Daniel and Johnny left the party on good terms.

„19. December ”ended in a violent fight between Johnny, Kreese and Daniel at the Cobra Kai dojo after Lawrence and LaRusso found out about the fight at Daniel’s house. Even Daniel could have killed Kreese with the secret of Miyagi that he found out in Okinawa, however, he was stopped by Miguel and Sam.

In the end, Kreese agreed to resolve all their differences at the upcoming All Valley Karate tournament in May 2019, which will take place in Cobra Kai season 4.

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