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Goodbye Android ?: Rumors of Fuchsia as Google’s operating system grows Fuchsia | Google | Operating system Android | CHEKA


The 9to5Google portal revealed in May this year that Fuchsia, the new operating system he created Google in which she has been working since 2016, which was already presented in her first host: smart screens Nest Hub.

This assistant, similar to Amazon Echo, would no longer have Cast O as the main operating system, or at least not in newer versions.

Although Android is one of the most important and most used operating systems in the world, it creates a problem for Google because it has a base in Linux, which generates that it must submit to the requirements of the GPL license of the said core.

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Thus, for five years, the company has been working on a system that is Open Source, or Open Resources, with which it can have complete control over the autonomous licensing platform.

Fuchsia is exactly what it is about: a micro-core project called Zircon, which has no intermediaries in its main code, unlike Android.

In other words, it is 100% Google, which is why this company could have free open source software.

Although Fuchsia has only been introduced to Nest Hub, rumors that the new project could become a replacement for Android are growing.

In that regard, Google hasn’t done much to dispel doubts, as it recently made a job call looking for a “plant software engineer” for Fuchsia Devices.

“In 2021, we sent Fuchsia to millions of Google’s smart screens, now is the time to expand to additional smart devices and other shape factors. Join us and work on Google’s next-generation operating system! “It is an excerpt from the announcement that indicates that Fuchsia wants to expand to other devices.

But even though Google has plans to leave Android in terms of operating system, it would take several years, knowing the importance that this operating system represents for this company and its economic interests in the world.


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