Tuesday , May 30 2023

Google Maps creates a chat to talk to local businesses Technology and Science | news


Now you can consult and place orders for companies from a new chat Google Maps. This is due to the function Google has put to test in some countries, the one that made it possible for companies to send messages from their company's business profiles.

"You will now see messages with the companies you are linking through business profiles within the application Google Maps, where you are already looking for things and places for shopping or shopping, "explained the product manager of this service, Aditia Tendulkar.

The specified messages will appear in the side menu Google Maps for Android and iOS. They will appear on several user devices around the world, some for the first time experimenting with Business Profiles: "Just look for the" message "button in Business Profiles in Google Search and Folders," said Tendulkar.

In addition, companies that want to accept messages from users can install a new Google Mi Business application for registering and enabling messages. In this way, they will be connected with their customers in real time.

"Sending messages to businesses gives you the opportunity to ask a question without the need for a phone call, so you can order a cake for your mother's birthday while on the bus or find out if the store is your size without having to wait."

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