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Heavy qualifiers by Freddie Mercuri and Kueen from music critics of the 70s Bohemian Rhapsodi | Glory


Two articles, both written in 1979, featuring a mythical band The Queen and its leader Freddie Mercuri These weeks have caused the curiosity of thousands of netizens. Journalist El Espanol, Miguel Angel Uriondo, has shared two of Britain's unique criticisms through its Twitter account.

In the chronicle of the newspaper El Pais, dated February 22, 1979, he writes about a concert The Queen in Barcelona. During his Jazz Tour and the British Quartet he was presented for the second time in Spain. They explain their music as "a square rhythm and a stroke that always results in the same song" and describes the good Freddie Mercuri as the "second division Mick Jagger".

He continues describing his "sharp face, when seen in profile, he has a certain appearance of harelip, like a jerk rabbit, he does not sing either very well or very badly." The article also highlights this Freddie Mercuri had a "certain look of a motorcycle look". Brian May, bass player from The QueenHe also did not get rid of the criticism of the Spanish newspaper: "He was wounded by Hendrick, Tovnsend, or any of the big plugs of an electric guitar."

The sharp chronicle ends with the words: "Who goes to the concert The Queen artistic spirit arrives with the wrong aesthetic criterion. These people value craziness, obvious editing and basic effectiveness (including sounds), or do not appreciate anything. "

For its part, the symbolic magazine Roling Stone also wrote sharp criticisms of the performances of the British band. The Article of February 8, 1979 begins to confirm this The Queen "He has no imagination to play jazz, so he has no imagination to play rock and roll." They incriminate them as "arrogant brothers" and get it all Freddie Mercuri You get between eyebrows and eyebrows.

Also, from renowned American publications, the late seventies claim that the band led the legendary Freddie Mercuri "considers women as objects" and who came "to clarify who is superior and who is more inferior", goes so far as to point out that "The Queen It can be the first truly fascist rock band. "

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