Tuesday , September 27 2022

Huanchako residents are calling for a definitive solution for coastal erosion


Neighbors of Huanchaco They are asking the authorities for a definitely a solution on the erosion on the tourist beach of Trujillo, currently hit by strong waves.

Cesar Sanchez, one of the residents, was questioning that sandbags were currently set to contain waves when they had to water main works in order to avoid coastal erosion.

The neighbor also criticized the fact that coastal erosion was added to the work of changing sewage networks, which, as he said, was destroyed by the streets of the spa, and that this can not be completed within the stipulated deadline.

The third lost beach

It should be noted that offshore erosion in Trujillo Province has left the beach without beaches to date Delights, in Moče; a Buenos Aires, in Victor Larco; and a Huanchaco.

A large part of the dock was destroyed by an anomalous island registered Huanchaco. More, and, it had to flood La Ribera Avenue, the main and commercial way of spa. Soldiers Peruvian army They co-operate in placing bags with bags in houses, business buildings and a part of the watercourse.

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