Saturday , January 23 2021

Jonas Neubauer, seven-time world champion in Tetris, has died

Jonas Neubauer, famous player and champion Tetris, he died.

This Saturday, the official Twitter account of the player announced that Neubauer passed away on January 4, at the age of 39. The statement did not provide specific details about his cause of death, however, it was determined that the seven-time world champion Tetris passed away as a result of “sudden emergency medical care”.

“It is with great regret that we convey to you the terrible news that Jonas passed away due to a sudden medical emergency.He says a post on Twitter. “He was absolutely the best. We are devastated, overwhelmed with pain and we already miss him so much. “

Jonas Neubauer is recognized as one of the best players in Tetris history and he has won the World Classic Tetris Championship (CTVC) seven times.

In that sense, the organizers of the championship also expressed regret over the player’s death.

“We are shocked and heartbroken when we share that seven-time CTVC champion Jonas Neubauer passed away suddenly on January 4.” written by CTVC on their website. “Jonas was an absolute pillar of positivity and humility for our CTVC family. We could never look for a champion, a role model and a bigger friend. He was kind, honest, fun, incredibly talented and a great ambassador of the game. Although he was the hardest final boss, he always had the warmest heart. He will live as a legend in our community and around the world. “

According to Kotaku, Neubauer started playing the classic version of Tetris at the NES when he was eight years old and eventually entered the world of competition after drawing attention by sharing his results online.

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