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“La Voz Senior”: Eva Aillon was touched to hear the song “Every Sunday at 12” in tango version | Latin TV fun nndc | | TVMAS


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“Higher voice” he returned to live a gala full of feelings. On this occasion, participant Luis Angel Reddell surprised the coaches by interpreting the song “Every Sunday at 12” in a tango version. This presentation evoked the emotions of Eve Aillon.

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As the coach of the program explained, this song evokes many feelings in her because it reminds her of her grandmother, who died in the middle of the show in 1978, when the Creole singer was in Chile.

This is a very complicated topic when I listen to it, it was 1978 and I had to perform at the Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile and they told me that my grandmother had died, part of my whole life had died. That’s where I got this scar with this song, it’s hard for me to sing and listen to her like Luis Angel, you’ll see. “ Eva said before setting up.

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Then the interpreter of Argentine nationality started singing and managed to start not only Eva Aylon, but also other members of the jury, who stood from their seats to applaud the performance of Luis Angel.

“You will have to stay and become another Peruvian. Ior thank you, I was in the locker room trying to tell myself I had to control myself, but you can’t, whenever I listen to this song my sister and I have so much influence on us because our old woman was everything. Thanks”, manifested.

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Cristiano Rivero later announced that the brand helped singer Luis Angel Reddell and would help them build the roof of their home. Finally, Luis Angel and Julio Cesar Mancilla advanced to the semifinals. Mabi Curich has been eliminated from the Eve Aillon team.

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Toni Succar’s mother surprised in “La Voz Senior”

Toni Succar is surprised by his mother at the casting
Peruvian musician Toni Succar experienced an emotional surprise from his mother during the casting for La Voz Senior. The jury burst into tears as they dedicated a few words to their parents on the show. (Source: Latina TV)


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