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Lauren Sanchez: Who is Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend? FAME

After the divorce in 2019, a successful businessman Jeff Bezos found love again in a former Latvian television presenter. Who is this Woman who won one of the most powerful men in the world and the owner of an American e-commerce company Amazon is Lauren Sanchez.

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Expensive separation with MacKenzie Bezos, who is the mother of his four children and has been his wife for more than 25 years, gave a woman close $ 35 billion. Former Ms. Bezos has been with him since the founding of the multimillion-dollar company and was also one of the first employees.

Although the reason for the dissolution of the long-lived marriage was unknown, the National Enquirer newspaper soon spread private messages from Jeff and Lauren, which exposed the possible infidelity of the employer; something he called for “extortion.”


The current couple met through the host’s ex-husband, Patrick Whitesell. According to Page Sik, before the divorce, the two couples exchanged words because they had properties in the same city:

“Patrick and Lauren have been friends with Jeff Bezos and his wife for several years, because both couples have houses in Seattle.

Thanks to the tabloid, it was published Jeff and Lauren started a love affair while they were married, in addition to knowing that they both enjoyed it luxury vacation in private premises.


They are approximately two years those that have passed since the beginning of their romance and, as has been seen so far, seem to be an unbreakable courtship. Just a few days ago, the couple was photographed at Bezos’ historic space event.

The owner of Amazon flew into space with the Blue Shegin New Shepard rocket, when, on his return to the mainland, he was received by a beloved girl and photographers caught him on the premises.


Sanchez is a journalist of Latino descent, known for her work as news anchor and entertainment reporter. He is 51 years old and has worked in programs like “View”, “Good day LA” and “Extra”. He also participated in films “Fight Club”, “Fantastic Four” and “Ted 2”.

The product of his relationship with his ex NFL player Tony Gonzalez has a 19-year-old son named Nikko; and as part of her marriage to him Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell has his two little ones: Evan and Ella.

Patrick and Lauren were married in 2005, and divorced 14 years later, in 2019.

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