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Ministry of Health (Minsa) is currently holding a conference to inform about the current situation in the country before the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).


At the event, Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti confirmed the first case of a person being diagnosed with a new variant of the coronavirus in the country.

Mazzetti said that it is unknown how the patient got the new variant of COVID-19, but he added that it is most likely outside.

He reported that it was a woman who lives and works in Lima. The relatives with whom he participated in the meeting have been identified and two more positive people are among them.

The Minister emphasizes that they are not thinking about returning to quarantine or returning to economic reactivation.

Regarding the medical strike, which was announced to start on January 13, he points out that he hopes that a more adequate understanding will be reached with the doctors before the beginning of the protest.

This week, the Minister of Health warned that a “very special epidemic” of coronavirus cases in some parts of the country could be the announcement of a second wave of infection in Peru.

The Peruvian government has also signed an agreement for the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm to sell 38 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, one million of which will arrive in January this year. Also, an agreement was reached with Oxford-Astrazenec on the access of 14 million vaccines from September 2021.

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Minsa assures that the vaccine against COVID-19 will be voluntary

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