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LIVE: The situation with Alan Garcia after he was killed before his arrest Politics

On Tuesday, the judiciary ordered a preliminary detention for 10 days against the former president Alan Garcia Perez, as well as against his former Secretary General of the Presidency, Louis Nave, former Vice President Petropero, Miguel Atale and their children (Jose Antonio Nava and Samir Atala).

The court's decision was approved at the request of the prosecutor of the special team of Lava Jato Hoze, Domingo Perez, who is investigating the former agent for alleged criminal offenses of money laundering, affecting trade and attitudes in the context of the case. Odebrecht.

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In particular, the leader of the Peruvian party Aprista is investigating Prosecutor Perez for the Emergency Regulations (DU) 032-2009 and the alleged contributions Odebrecht pre-election campaign in 2006.

The court has already issued 18 months of an obstruction to leave the country Alan Garcia in November last year. After finding out this resolution, two former chiefs of state (1985-1990 and 2006-2011) sought diplomatic asylum in the Uruguay Embassy, ​​a benefit that the country's government rejected on December 3, 2018.

The aim of the temporary detention measure is the collection of elements that serve as evidence for investigations conducted by the public prosecution.

The order would detain the former president for a period of 10 days (permitted by law), taking into account that the next toughest measure is pre-trial detention, allowing a person to be detained for up to 36 months.

Former president Alan Garcia He was transferred from his house to Miraflores to an emergency hospital a few minutes after the police officers arrived to continue with his preliminary detention.

Alan Garcia He was admitted to the Casimiro Ullo hospital after being arrested by agents of the investigative department for crimes of high complexity after the judiciary approved the prosecution's request to retain it for a period of 10 days.

Sources from El Comercio said the former president shot in the head and was in an emergency operation.

Shortly thereafter, Erasmo Reina, attorney at law Alan Garcia, said that the former president had decided to kill himself and said his situation was delicate. "Please God give him strength," he said.

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