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Melissa Loza: Edith Tapia breaks her silence and thinks about her boyfriend's arrest


The arrest of boyfriend Melissa Loza for the alleged crime of illegal drug trafficking, in the form of micro-marketing, shocked more than one, and the various characters of the show talked about it. The mother of Guti Carrera, Edith Tapia, was no exception.

"I do not think you can get involved in family matters, we hope it will be good, and you can clarify your questions, especially for peace and for her daughter, that she will pass well," said Edith Tapia. As you recall, the model and the actress stay away from the show, so that her recent statements surprised more than one.

Edith Tapia also did not hesitate to show solidarity with Melissa Loza. "A very close friend passed a similar case and the truth did not go well at all, someone does not end up with the knowledge of the people you've been with, I want it all the best and can solve my problems especially for my daughter," Mother Guti Carrera

Guti Carrera

For his part, the former real boy had no problem getting a face for Melissa Loza. "Melissa is a person who knows what she wants, I do not put my hands on fire for anybody, but on the basis of Melissa I know, with whom I have a common time, because I do not think it has anything to do with this drug complaint, It's flawless , "he said.

Edith Tapia

It should be noted that, under the leadership of the production company Sinargollas and together with the team dedicated to the training and training of new talents, Edith Tapia will open workshops for assembly and performance for children and adults at the end of March. Also, he will take part in two films that Sinargollas lists, one of the dramatic genres, and another for female comedy.

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