Thursday , September 29 2022

New technology from Samsung to double the mobile phone


Smartphones are becoming more and more challenging to enter their pockets. The possibility of folding, in combination with this, can be arranged so that the screen is large as a tablet, is the promise of a new technology that Samsung introduced this Wednesday.

It is a device that does not yet have a definite name or design, but uses a screen system called Infeniti Flek Displai.

This technology was discovered at the Samsung Developers Conference 2018, held in San Francisco, USA. According to the South Korean company, the brand's heritage as a key-format creator in its category "continues to be the basis of innovation in the field of the screen and is the result of a revolution that is set up in a foldable format on a smartphone."

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Infiniti Flek Displai is the next-generation smartphone platform for Samsung "This will maximize the potential of this new format to create an optimized, complex user experience."

In the meantime, Google reported on Wednesday that Android is officially compatible with devices of this kind. Although Samsung would be one of the allies in launching the first products with this technology, it is likely that other companies will soon appear with similar products.

"The switching screen puts the foundation for a new type of mobile experience. We are excited about working with developers on this new platform to create a new value for our customers. We want to see how technology and collaboration are taking place. We have made significant progress in Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things that will be crucial to creating our vision of connected life in reality, "said DJ Koh, president and CEO of the Mobile and IT Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.

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At its development conference, companies are introducing new ways to provide more conversational, personal and useful intelligent experience for assistants for more consumers.

This flexible phone suggestion from Samsung comes weeks after China's Roiole Corporation introduced its flexible display screen called Flekpai. On this device, according to company videos, There are several difficulty in terms of content when the device is switched.

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