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“First good friends …”. Then, after everything came to its own Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfan. The football brothers who saw the Peruvian soil were born ten months apart. 37 years later, they are still wrapped up in a duel together and still have big dreams. Both took part in the victory Peruvian team about Chile, but his moments are different. While Jefferson traveled to La Paz and had minutes against Bolivia, Paolo was canceled due to a knee disease. Meanwhile, the Brazilian press indicates that, Inter Brazil reported that the Peruvian asked to leave the club in order to “discuss private issues”.

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On the Brazilian night, Inter issued a statement explaining the request of the Peruvian and informing them to meet in order to best resolve the end of their contract, which is until the end of the year.

“Sport Club International announces that it is an athlete Paolo Guerrero You have requested a dispensation for private property. The club and the athlete’s staff meet to discuss the contractual relationship in a friendly manner. When there is a concrete definition of the future of the players, we will make it known “, was the statement that Inter sent to the Brazilian media.

This comes just days after Paolo Guerrero was sacked from the national team. Although there are no details regarding the reasons the Peruvian had for this measure, one of them would be a knee injury that still does not allow him to play in good shape.

Infographics: Antonio Tarazona
Infographics: Antonio Tarazona

History of Guerrero-Farfan

It was difficult for both of them to be in Russia in 2018. Jefferson was seen from the Peruvian team on several occasions – due to discipline and injuries -, Paolo Guerrero arrived with only that much after he was imposed a doping sanction. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to think about Qatar 2022. Today, their knees feel the thunder of the race at the highest level.

You have to evaluate what they do and every minute they deliver, but that doesn’t mean that injuries have a market condition to the point that they already watch matches in other ways: enjoy the minutes they have to be. Unfortunately, on Friday, the Peruvian team announced the dismissal of Paolo Guerrero for the following dates.

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Jefferson Farfan quickly understood his physical condition and accepted a return to Peruvian football because of that, in order to enjoy football before football abruptly withdrew. His injury got complicated and he decided to start again, little by little, minute by minute.

That’s how he played just 422 minutes in eleven games with Alianza Lima. That is, as if he played almost five complete games. But for that little time, he knew how to prove his value with goals, presence, hierarchy. That’s why his return to the Peruvian team – half an hour against Chile and ten against Bolivia – that’s why his name still remains high.

Jefferson Farfan's numbers with the Peruvian team in the qualifiers
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Paolo Guerrero lives in a different reality. The demands at Inter are different from the demands of Peruvian football – the reality is beyond passion. With the Peruvian shirt, it was seen that he did not have the physical strength to be the striker needed in the qualifications. With what little he had, he struggled with everything to tell those present before the loss of Gianluca Lapadula and the state of Jefferson Farfan. After that, his body suffered the consequences and was invited to duels against Bolivia and Argentina.

Will will never miss Paolo Guerrero. In addition to the weight of his name, he accepted a supporting role at Inter, a club that has seven strikers for the position. He added 428 minutes a year with his team to a total of 15 games, but only 6 of them were in Brasileirau (210 minutes), where he lost in importance.

Paolo Guerrero:
Paolo Guerrero: “Jefferson Farfan wanted to come back” VIDEO. Movistar Sports.

Together with Jefferson?

What if Paolo makes his way to Farfan? A return to Peruvian football could be a way for Guerrero to enjoy the game again. “It seems that my knee does not want to let me play, but I do it calmly and patiently. The most important thing for me is to play, and I did not play in my team (Internacional). That makes me sadHe said after the victory over Chile.

And Matute may be the joy Paolo Guerrero needs. The Lima Alliance has already learned how to solve such cases. He took Farfan little by little – technician Carlos Bustos showed – and with Guerrero the scene can be repeated.

The Alliance has already secured a place in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, so the first step has been made: guaranteed income – in addition to what the box office can mean. By then you already have brands that enjoy Jefferson’s image. If “Focuita” is added to “Predator”, the intimate club would make a big step on the marketing level.

But what matters to Bicolor, that Guerrero on Peruvian soil adds minutes he doesn’t enjoy today in Brazil. No contact of the club with the striker has been confirmed, but the closeness between the two sides is known.

In addition, after the catastrophe last year, Alianza Lima learned from her mistakes and from now on the evaluation of signatures is done outside of football, so as not to repeat stories like Jean Desa, Carlos Ascues, among others. From La Victoria, they tell us that the profiles will be evaluated: the player and the person – Hernan Barcos, the best example -, and Paolo Guerrero fits everywhere.

Paolo Guerrero is still recovering and we hope that he will continue that journey at Inter, but as it is known, after the end of his contract at the end of the year, he will not continue in the Brazilian team. You will have to define your future, and returning home could give you joy that you do not have today.


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