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Penarol won in Nacional and celebrated the bikampeonato


Three minutes into the game, Christian Oliva tried to break through in the middle of the box and calm down the left, but Quevin Davson was unable to finish the game. In the lead, Gonzalo Castro did not find the target, but Fabricio Formiliano was badly struck to kick the corner by the corner.

Two teams had their first game. The control of the ball was made by Nacional, while Penarol attempted a counter-attack, both in the left attacking sector.

The midfielder Matias Zunino took the ball on the edge of the mirasol area of ​​Lucas Hernandez, but the ball was blocked.

Santiago Romero's excellent help left only Zuniino, who left Hernandez on the way, but Davson did a great job when Papelito tried to define it. The Mirasol striker began to turn again into the line.

At the closing of the first half of the tricolor, they had the angle that only Zunino went, but he went a little and finished the clearest.

Nacional was more in the first 45 minutes, he had more time for the ball and tried to play quickly, while Penarol managed to restrict his opponent in time and tried to give up.

The beginning of the second half had tricks with a ball and protagonism. Gonzalo Castro turned left in the 47th minute, raised the center under and after a poor score of defending players, Zunino appeared only to turn the first goal of the game.

The big protagonist of the game, Zunino received the 57th fifth yellow card for what will be lost in the first finals in the case of the National Access to him with a win.

Two minutes later, the most obvious chance for aurinegraas appeared. Agustin Canobbio first appeared with danger in the rivals, fired, the ball collapsed on the post, and on the return Cebolla Rodriguez shot to the left, and Rolin turned the line in the corner.

In the best time for Penarol in the game, Buscuets found a mistake of three-quarters of the pitch, pulled free kick Fabian Estoianoff, led by Carlos Rodriguez, who was in the advanced position, the ball gave both matches and Formiliano was well placed, to the scorer and tied the match for 71 minutes.

About the last moments, the tricolor went out in search of victory and at 84 'Luis Aguiar came into the space that came out barely rejected.

Coach Diego Lopez had to be expelled after a confusing intricacy with defense counsel Rafael Garcia. Both experts did not touch, but Judge Fedorczuk saw that there were reasons for the red card with the technician and the yellow defense of the trumpet. Romero was the only one in the show who used pressure on DT Penarol.

90 minutes left with the classical Penalol pairing for the last 20 in the second half, while Nacional kept mostly control of the ball and with the aurinegra offended the danger of his opponent.

But the quick game, at the start of the extra time, had a center for Penarol, Gabriel Fernandez was alone in the area, and Espino pushed him. They got a penalty for Fedorczuka, who ended up on goal from Cristiano Rodriguez at 95 '. Aurinegros turned the meeting.

A minute later, Alexander Medina overcame the limiting line for trainers, and the first assistant collided with him, the reason Judge Fedorczuk decided to throw DT.

The other half of the extension had two teams trying to reach danger. In the Carboner he evolved during the meeting Gabriel Fernandez and was one of the architects of the return. While in the tricolor

Penarol took advantage of the national team's desperation, who almost went out with draw and with some counter-attack almost liquidated the match, but the definitions did not follow good quick departures.

Aurinegro have been refreshed by a champion in the match who had a clear mistake of a triple-for-goal referee converted by Formilliano, offside Carlos Rodriguez. At the same time, Nacional did not know how to withstand the difference, put himself in front of his rivals, an image that looked like the Uruguayan Championship, where the tricolors had a good advantage and Penarol handed it over.


NationalEsteban Conde Marcos Angeleri, Rafael Garcia, Alekis Rolin, Alfonso Espino; Matias Zunino, Santiago Romero, Christian Oliva, Gonzalo Castro; Gonzalo Bergessio and Sebastian Fernandez. DT. Aleksandar Medina.

Bank deputy: Luis Mejia, Rodrigo Erramuspe, Luis Aguiar, Pier Web, Tabara Viudez, Carlos De Pena and Leandro Barcia.

Penarol: Kevin Davson; Ezekuiel Buskuets, Fabricio Formiliano, Carlos Rodriguez, Lucas Hernandez; Giovanni Gonzalez, Valter Gargano, Cristian Rodriguez, Agustin Canobbio; Lucas Viatri and Gabriel Fernandez. DT. Diego Lopez.

Bank deputy: Thiago Cardozo, Carlos Matheu, Marcel Novick, Maki Rodriguez, Fabian Estoianoff, Ignacio Lores and Darwin Nunez.

Objectives: 47 & # 39 ;; Matias Zunino (N); 71 & # 39; Fabricio Formiliano (P), 95 & # 39; Cristian Rodriguez (P)

Yellow: 17 & # 39; Christian Oliva (N), 57 & # 39; Matijas Zunino (N), 88 'Rafael Garcia (N), 110 & # 39; Fabian Estoyanoff (P).

Rojas: 88 & # 39; Diego Lopez (P) & 100 & # 39; Aleksandar Medina (N)

Changes: 55 & # 39; Makimiliano Rodriguez to Giovanni Gonzalez (P), 66 & # 39; Fabian Estoianoff to Agustin Canobbio (P); 69 'Luis Aguiar to Christian Oliva (N); 115 & # 39; Darwin Nunez, Gabriel Fernandez.

Referee: Daniel Fedorczuk

A clock: 16.30

The court: Centennial Stadium


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