Wednesday , March 22 2023

Police between life and death after the driver drove to Cusco


A police officer which has led to several serious injuries in the body, is now being discussed between life and death in a private clinic Cusco after being hit by a driver in obvious drunkenness.

Subcontractor of the third Dubriya Antonija Medina Mamani, aged 31, never thought that the intervention would frustrate her life projects with her family, wife and two-year-old daughter, because after to run It is also immobilized with several fractures in the body.

"My son can not yet be tested because he was immobilized and sedated." The driver (s) intended to get rid of a policeman, I feel bitter. "Amador Medina, the father of the victim, said.

Scared of the driver's family

For relatives police officer not only grief but also indignation for violent action driver Carlos Farfan Oviedo, a 30-year-old who intervened that morning by a non-commissioned officer after he carried out unscrupulous street actions Cusco.

Jesenice Medina, an emergency police officer, convicted her the driver's family went to intimidate their parents on the day of the accident to offer them money in return for withdrawal of the appeal. "What do you think will make money with money?" She says that the lady has so many problems, I will give her an empty check, "he said.

Safety cameras have been indignant

Security cameras, located at Saphi Street, in front of the police station Cusco They recorded the fact. The pictures show that a policeman driver pulls several blocks, which hits the agent's body against another vehicle, which leads him to fall on the track.

The driver Carlos Farfan Oviedo has helped him a lot police officer He escaped. However, a few minutes later he was arrested by the police.

Preventive jail

This morning, Fifth Preliminary Investigative Court Cusco He was detained in court Carlos Farfan Oviedo, charged with crimes against public administration, in the form of violence and resilience of the authorities.

The public ministry asked nine months of pre-trial detention for the driver, who remains imprisoned in the Judicial Authority. The hearing was suspended and will be resumed at 4:30 pm.

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