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Second Division 2018: Match Results for Semi-finals | Juan Aurich 3-1 Cesar Vallejo Cienciano 2-0 Carlos A. Mannucci


The second division of 2018 is in the final stage and this week played the first semifinal match of the promotion tournament. Juan Aurich and Cienciano respected their home and won in the local state.

With double Lucas Gomez and Lic Sanchez, "Ciclon del Norte" converted the game to the University of Cesar Vallejo and with greater ease faced another leg. Raziel Garcia's free kick scored the only goal in the match Trujillo.

On the other hand, Cienciano defeated Carlos A. Manucci 2-0 at Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. Danni Kong and Junior Viza scored a goal for Gustavo Roverana.


Sunday, November 11:

FINAL | Juan Aurich 3-1 Cesar Vallejo

Goals: Lucas Gomez (38 & # 39; and 75 '), Lic Sanchez (84') / Raziel Garcia (26 & # 39;
Stadium: Municipal de la Juventud – Chongoiape
Time: 13:00
Third referee: Michael Espinoza, Coti Carrera, Victor Escobar and Jose Garcia
Maps: West: 30 Layers / East: 20 Layers


Juan Aurich: Ekar Rosales, Jhoel Herrera, Jair Iglesias, Joel Kuispe, Segundo Carrasco, Bruno Pajuelo, Javier Robles, Rick Campodonico, Joshua Estrada, Anderson Cueto and Lucas Gomez. DT. Carlos Cortijo

Cesar Vallejo: Makimo Rabines, Jeremy Rostaing, Leandro Fleitas, Pedro Rekuena, Edgar Villamarin, Elsar Rodas, Ronald Quinteros, Airton Garcia, Benitez, Carlos Orejuela and Andi Pando. DT. Chemo del Solar

FINAL | Cienciano 2-0 Carlos A. Mannucci

Goals: Danni Kong (10 & # 39;) and Junior Visa (27 & # 39;)
Stadium: Garcilaso de la Vega – Cusco
Time: 15:30
Arnela Terna: Victor Hugo Carrillo, Victor Raez, Pedro Espinoza and Raul Pastor
Tickets: West – 30 Layers, East – 25 Layers and Popular – 20 Layers


Cienciano: Mario Villasantti; Jose Mesarina, Valter Ibanez, Pedro Montesinos, Paolo Mendez; Jorge Molina, Rudi Palomino, Junior Ross, Junior Visa; Matijas Sen and Danny Kong. DT. Gustavo Roverano

Carlos A. Mannucci: Pedro Diaz; Jose Cuero, Joakuin Lencinas, Erick Coavoi, Camilo Jimenez; Jhoni Obeso, Josimar Vargas, Mario Tajima, Jorge Toledo; Osnar Noronha DT. Pepe Soto.

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