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Sport Bois vs. Sport Rosario LIVE AND LIVE via GOL Peru: a game for the Clausura Tournament | Date 14 ° | Total Sports

Sport Bois vs. Rosario Sport LIVE: Measures this Saturday (20:00. LIVE ONLINE via Goal Peru) u Miguel Grau Stadio Callao by 14th day of the Klausura tournament. The winner will be a step away from the descent.

Sport Bois vs. Sport Rosario LIVE ONLINE via GOL Peru: alignment

Sport Bois vs. Rosario Sport LIVE ONLINE via GOL Peru: incidences

Separated from five points of distance, Rosados ​​and Auriazules face Callao, and the city can celebrate the durability against its direct rivals. Follow minute minutes, statistics, incidents, goals, interviews and match results that will define positions in Decentralized 2018.

The capricious game was put on by Sport Bois vs. Sport Rosario on the 14th day of Clausura, not imagining that at this moment, when there are still six points to play, there would be five points difference between the two in the 1st Division Division.

But football is such, and both teams will demonstrate in the field Miguel Grau deserves to remain decentralized. Sport Bois vs. Sport Rosario will play their lives in each division, as Canalla's triumph prolongs the fight until the last day, while the second is sent directly to another division.

Sport Rosario has no margin of error, especially since in the past seven days he has only won one point out of 21. Sport Bois, in how much he will ask to wash his face after defeating Mokuegu before Binasan to have it to the edge of the pelvis. Partidazo in Callao.

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