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Sport Huancaio vs. Sport Cristal LIVE SEE FREE GOL PERU TURNIR CLOSE EMANUEL HERRERA | Huancaio | Sport Huancaio Sporting Cristal | Emanuel Herrera


Sporting Cristal he won 1-1 with a draw in his visit Sport Huancaio by date 13 of Closing the tournament, who practically certified his first place in the accumulated Decentralized with 83 points. The appeal, however, was in the Argentine record Emanuel Herrera, which he equaled Eduardo Esidio as a maximum shooter in one year.

After 29 minutes the perfect turn of Josep Balloon enabled Herreri to beat the Hermosa goalkeeper and scored his number 37 in Decentralized, the same number of goals scored by Brazilian Esidio for Universitario in 2000. The difference is that the Argentine has four games to win his brand.

However, the joy lasted slightly until Rimmens, as Luis Trujillo, a powerful 33-minute strike, determined equality, which would not move despite various attempts of Cristal's victory.

Sporting Crystal reached 18 points on the Clausura Tournament, where the eighth, no option, but in the accumulated almost secured the first place with 83 units, five FBC Melgar Goals are already contemplating in the national finals, where they would choose the order of the site.


Sporting Cristal visit this on Wednesday (20:00) Sport Huancaio with the slogan of achieving a victory that can be confirmed as the best team of the year in the accumulation. For his Argentinian goalkeeper Emanuel Herrera There will also be a chance to break through Eduardo Esidio. The meeting will be broadcast by Gol Peru.

The win will allow celestians to reach 85 points and, in case of defeat or loss FBC Melgar (there are 78) on Thursday earlier UTC in Cajamarca, provide the first place piled up, which allows him to select the order of the locality in his next national final, which has already been classified by winning Summer Tournament i Opening of the tournament.

In the meantime, Emanuel Herrera sums 36 goals in the current Decentralized season, only one of the Brazilians Eduardo Esidio, which rose from 37 in 2000 University and became the best scorer in a Peruvian football season.

Huancaio it also needs to win to protect its quota for qualifications South American Cup. At the beginning of this Wednesday is seventh with 57 units, but Binational (53), San Martin (52) i University (51), they still have the opportunity to take away this privilege. Even "saints" have a current game Lima Alliance.

Possible alignment:

Sporting Cristal: Stepeni, Madrid, Merlo, Revredo, Cespedes, Isikue, Ballon, Meia, Costa, Lopez, Herrera (Olivares). ДТ: М. Salas.

Sport Huancaio: Hermosa; Salinas, Colombia, Lojas, Corrales, Salcedo, Valverde, Rojas, Lliuia, Velasquez and Neumann. ДТ: М. Grioni.

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