Thursday , September 29 2022

The exchange rate closes down due to the global fall in the dollar Economy | Markets


The a course she depressed Wednesday's offer of US dollars before the global weakness of the green card. The reaction took place after parliamentary elections in the United States conferred control of the Congress.

The dollar price The decline was 0.24% at S / 3,363 from S / 3,371 at the end of Tuesday, with an agreed amount of US $ 257 million.

So far this year, the US dollar has grown by 3.86% against a 3.54% decrease in 2017.

During the session, a course she depreciated on S / 3.361 due to US dollar bids, although she sought from local banks that had short positions after the expiration of foreign currency swaps. Central Reserve Bank (BCR) The improvement in the currency has been reduced, operators said.

On a global level, USD It fell by 0.27% against its peers after the Democrats won a big victory in the US mid-term legislative elections by conferring power in the Congress.

In the informal market of Lima, a course It was traded between S / 3.368 and S / 3.369 versus S / 3.375 from the previous session.

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