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Traffic accidents: More than 750 people have died on the country's roads so far this year | Peru


Strong shock and the subsequent imitation of the bus leaves at least twenty dead and 39 injured on the Binasan highway in the Ilo-Desaguadero area, located at A lot According to the National Police, accident It is registered on Sunday at 8 am, 12 kilometers from the border town of Desaguadero, in the area known as Kelluio.

The inter-provincial bus belonged to the transportation company Ekpress Tour Iunguio, and it started from the province of Puno from Iunguio to Tacen. On his way he faced a village truck (van type) who left Huaculani (Chucuito) in Desaguadero.

According to the first research, one of the vehicles would invade the opposite tape (the police still do not determine which of them), which led to a frontal accident and subsequent overturning of units.

On place accident 19 people died immediately. It was reported that another passenger was killed in a hospital in the city of Juli (Puno). At the end of this edition, the authorities continued to identify the deadly victims, while the much younger family reached the morgue of the Health Center Desaguadero.

39 injuries were reported, which were transferred to various health centers and hospitals in the region.

These 20 dead on Monday in Punu added 752 people who lost their lives on the country's roads between January and October 2018, according to statistics from the highway police. This figure is less than twenty victims out of the total number registered in 2017.

The highest number of fatalities per traffic accidents so far this year has been marked by crashes between vehicles (308) and delay or movement of the road (307). They are followed by victims of abuse (78), blows and running (37), overturning (16) and other cases (6).

As for the location accident, most of the deaths (206) were reported on trails for south penetration; that is, in Nasca-Cusco, Libertadores, Binacional, Cusco-Puerto Maldonado-Inapari and Ajacucho-Cusco-Puno.

Likewise, on the Panameric Highway there were 171 deaths and 161 on the Panameric Highway. On the roads of northern penetration (the roads of Cajamarca-Chota, Piura-Paita, Corral Kuemado, Huaraz and La Libertad) this week there were 107 deaths

Colonel PNP Jorge Castillo, the chief of the police for the highway, explained that his division is carrying out permanent enforcement measures together with the staff of the Superintendent of land transport of people, cargo and goods (Sutran). "It is planned to intensify surveillance at checkpoints," he said.

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