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VhatsApp: How can I record calls on Android? | Technology and Science

VhatsApp It has become a fundamental part of the lives of thousands of people. However, in many cases, some users have the desire to make calls or video calls that work with a colleague, friend, or cousin. Is this really possible?

Two applications allow you to perform this function: Du Recorder and AZ Screen Recorder. These tools allow users to record at any time, and not just for VhatsApp.

Both applications are available in Android and instruct the user to capture the ambient sound of the place where it is in use.

According to Infobae, AZ Screen Recorder It is one of the most famous applications around the world. It's very easy to use.

The media indicates that the application has a switching button that does not change the material you want to record. The user must press the icon to start the process and the countdown appears automatically.

Even the application has a video editor that improves the quality of the recording, there are no watermarks and no time limit.

On the other hand, the application Du Recorder It has a similar procedure and is rated very good by the users.

In addition, it is important that the application has permissions for sound recording and access to multimedia video storage media.

Du Recorder he will seek permission to start the recording and the red icon will never disappear from the screen until the user decides to complete the process.

Both applications are available worldwide Play Store.

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